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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Unfortunately, I have once again become a “busy bee” and my dreams of BloG domination fall to the wayside.  I do have several “tutorials” in the works so here is the list of things to come (hopefully sooner rather than later).

  • DIY Circa/Rolla Punching
  • DIY Notebook
  • DIY Mock-skine (like a Moleskine but not… you’ll see.)
  • DIY Bookmark
  • DIY Elastic Pen Holder

I can’t guarantee the order that I will be posting these since I have to get some pictures and instructions together.  But rest assured they are on their way.  :) 

I’ve been meaning to get all my DIY Projects organized and published somewhere.  Granted it took me a lot longer than I had initially expected for this to happen… but then again, doesn’t everything these days?

 It seems the older I get the more ideas I come up with…  why pay for something I can do myself?

 I hope you find something useful or interesting in my ramblings.  Take care :D

You will need:

  • clear packing tape or equivalent
  • snack sized zip style storage bag or equivalent
  • hole punch that coordinates with your planner

 First step is to cut a piece of tape that is nearly the length of the bottom of your baggie.  Attach the edge of the tape to the bottom edge of your baggie.  Allow for a quarter inch of the tape to adhere to itself when folded.  The other edge of the tape should adhere to the opposite side of your baggie.

You should have your zip style storage bag with about a quarter inch of plastic extending beyond the bottom.  Just punch that edge with your hole punch and its ready for use~!

 I love my new Circamagine and utilize it as my main planner.  This picture shows my new DIY Zip Pouch in use. DIY Zip Pouch