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BettyI have always had an odd affinity for fuzzy things.  Growing up, our family always had at least one feline family member.  Most years our family also included a small rodent of one kind or another.  I also had pet turtles, tadpoles, grasshoppers, crickets, and toads.

Two summers ago I adopted “Fyona” and “Betty” from a local pet store.  Despite being labeled “fancy mice,” I believe their sole intended purpose was to nourish some reptile.  We all became one big happy (mostly four-legged) family.

My rescue kitties (Toby, Lavinia, and Oliver) immediately took to watching the two new additions.  The tank was securely placed on the lowest bookshelf so even if instincts kicked in, the mice would be safe.  To be honest, the cats were more interested in watching them than interacting directly with them. 

Fyona sadly passed away after only six months in my care.  She became lethargic and almost arthritic in movement.  I have to think that breeding probably had a lot to do with it.  I was so afraid that Betty would not adjust to being the only mouse in her tank.  I had read about introducing a new tank mate but watched for signs that she needed or wanted company first.

bettyBetty was a trooper.  She seemed even to become more active without a tank mate.  She recovered from our loss quickly and remained a healthy and happy pampered pet mouse until the end.

I awoke Saturday morning to find little “Betty” dead in her sugar cube box.  She always loved to hide inside and pop out as if playing hide and seek with the cats.  She adopted the box as a bed some time ago.  I have to admit it was a shock to see her still and motionless.  I will miss her antics and her little torn ear (she was a retired bare-knuckle-boxing champ long before I adopted her).

I figure what better way to commemorate her than with a blog post.  I know some will think “It was JUST a pet mouse” … but for those pet lovers out there, I know you will understand. 

Take care ♥



This year I made a resolution to become more organized.  Reading Getting Things Done by David Allen helped guide me in the right direction.  I now try to utilize 3″ by 5″ index cards to stay on top of things.  My current planner/organizer/life is “classic” sized – 5.5″ by 8.5″.  Finding a way to display a few index cards from my hPDA will help me keep on track with GTD.  I created an Index Card Holder where the cards would remain visible.  (If visibility is not a concern, a variety of substitute materials would work perfectly). 

tut0  First you should gather your supplies. 
          *Plastic sheets (like an old report cover or a new report cover, transparency plastic, etc.)
          *Card-stock or heavy paper
          *Clear packing tape or any tape that you can stand looking at
          *Paper cutter (or add a ruler partner to your scissors)

Step 1.  Cut your piece of card stock or heavy paper to size.  Since my planner is 5.5″ by 8.5″, I used my paper cutter to trim my lavendar card stock to that size. 
Step 2.  Cut down your clear plastic sheets.  I decided that 3″ tall would allow a nice chunk of the index card to remain exposed and still support the card enough to keep it in the pocket.  Cut the width to be approximately half an inch shorter than the width of your card-stock.  My plastic ended up being 3″ by 5″.

Step 3.  Place a couple index cards on your card-stock.  Estimate how close you will need to go to the bottom edge and top edge.  I chose to make just two pockets since my purpose to keep the index cards visible.   Next place your clear plastic strips over your index cards to create the look of the pockets.  Play around until you are happy with the layout.  (I opted to keep the edge of my pocket far enough to avoid being punched.) 

Step 4.  I found it easiest to tape the bottom pocket’s bottom edge first.  Cut a piece of packaging tape 5″ long and tape the bottom of the clear plastic to the card-stock.  I put half the width of the tape onto the plastic sheet.  The other half adhered it to the very bottom of the card-stock and wrapped around to the backside. 

Step 5.  Now tape the bottom of the top pocket to the card-stock.  I just flipped the bottom pocket out of the way.  Now that everything is secure (yeah no more shifting!), tape the sides of the pockets in place.  I simply went around the edge of the card-stock to the backside to ensure it was nice & secure.
Step 6.  Punch your new index card holder to fit the planner of your choice.   (Circa/Rolla system showed).
Step 7.  Insert your new DIY Index Card Holder into your planner. TA DA you are done… and you DIY :D
There are several possible changes that could be made. 

  • Obviously, if you use a larger or smaller planner, the number of pockets you could create would vary. 
  • I made the pockets wide enough to fit two index cards with a little bit of an overlap.  You may only want to display one entire card at a time.
  • Clear plastic could have been used instead of the card-stock which would lead to more visibility.
  • Adding additional pockets to the reverse side would allow for even more index cards. 

Take this idea and run with it… Feel free to leave a comment with your results – I would love to see!

our time

It has been seven years since my artwork was critiqued in the comfortable rooms of my college. 
This was my piece… my first step into the public world of art… my blind leap of faith that some how my art was good enough to be “out there.” 

April 1st 2007 at 1:00pm at the K. Public Museum. 
My heart raced and body ached with the anxiety of feared rejection.  But I did it.  I displayed my art work with the other K. Art Association members.  I was the youngest member there; most likely the youngest member overall.  I don’t think many people understood my piece or attempted to “get it.”  No one but friends and family spoke to me about it’s meaning or symbolism or the “stream of consciousness” poetry that accompanied the drawing.

Triumphantly, I left without my fear being realized.  I was not rejected, nor was my artwork.  No one demanded its removal or questioned my membership.  I was just different.  I’m always different.  My source of pride and identity is my ability to be different than the norm.

Please share your thoughts on this piece.  I would love to hear feedback since I didn’t receive any at the event.

Click the image below to find out how to Circa/Rolla punch without splurging on the desk or portable punches!

DIY C/R Punching

Here is another simple DIY project.  It can be done with any punching system; I just happen to be in a huge Circa/Rolla fetish phase at this time. 

You will need:

  • A folder, preferably a plastic one
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Hole punch to fit your ‘system’



Work on a hard flat surface.  

Make sure the fold of the folder is visible.  You may want to reverse the fold and crease well to ensure a clear line.



Cut It


Cut the folder along the crease line. 

You should now have two equal parts (because equal halves would be redundant ;P).



Punch It
Punch the halves so the pockets will be on the inside of the cover.


Be a rebel and have the pockets on the outside of the cover.



Here are a couple pictures of my new letter size (8.5″ x 11″) Rolla notebook.  Rather than purchasing a letter sized Circa notebook, I decided this would full-fill my needs quite nicely.

my diy folder 2my diy folder 1