our time

It has been seven years since my artwork was critiqued in the comfortable rooms of my college. 
This was my piece… my first step into the public world of art… my blind leap of faith that some how my art was good enough to be “out there.” 

April 1st 2007 at 1:00pm at the K. Public Museum. 
My heart raced and body ached with the anxiety of feared rejection.  But I did it.  I displayed my art work with the other K. Art Association members.  I was the youngest member there; most likely the youngest member overall.  I don’t think many people understood my piece or attempted to “get it.”  No one but friends and family spoke to me about it’s meaning or symbolism or the “stream of consciousness” poetry that accompanied the drawing.

Triumphantly, I left without my fear being realized.  I was not rejected, nor was my artwork.  No one demanded its removal or questioned my membership.  I was just different.  I’m always different.  My source of pride and identity is my ability to be different than the norm.

Please share your thoughts on this piece.  I would love to hear feedback since I didn’t receive any at the event.