BettyI have always had an odd affinity for fuzzy things.  Growing up, our family always had at least one feline family member.  Most years our family also included a small rodent of one kind or another.  I also had pet turtles, tadpoles, grasshoppers, crickets, and toads.

Two summers ago I adopted “Fyona” and “Betty” from a local pet store.  Despite being labeled “fancy mice,” I believe their sole intended purpose was to nourish some reptile.  We all became one big happy (mostly four-legged) family.

My rescue kitties (Toby, Lavinia, and Oliver) immediately took to watching the two new additions.  The tank was securely placed on the lowest bookshelf so even if instincts kicked in, the mice would be safe.  To be honest, the cats were more interested in watching them than interacting directly with them. 

Fyona sadly passed away after only six months in my care.  She became lethargic and almost arthritic in movement.  I have to think that breeding probably had a lot to do with it.  I was so afraid that Betty would not adjust to being the only mouse in her tank.  I had read about introducing a new tank mate but watched for signs that she needed or wanted company first.

bettyBetty was a trooper.  She seemed even to become more active without a tank mate.  She recovered from our loss quickly and remained a healthy and happy pampered pet mouse until the end.

I awoke Saturday morning to find little “Betty” dead in her sugar cube box.  She always loved to hide inside and pop out as if playing hide and seek with the cats.  She adopted the box as a bed some time ago.  I have to admit it was a shock to see her still and motionless.  I will miss her antics and her little torn ear (she was a retired bare-knuckle-boxing champ long before I adopted her).

I figure what better way to commemorate her than with a blog post.  I know some will think “It was JUST a pet mouse” … but for those pet lovers out there, I know you will understand. 

Take care ♥