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If you would like to make a link clickable at DIYPlanner.com or another website, you may need to use a tad bit of basic HTML.

 <a href=httpaddress>your words here</a>

 <a href=http://www.diyplanner.com>DIYPlanner</a> will look like this: DIYPlanner

Hope that helps!  :D

If you are anything like me… you find yourself out-and-about wishing you had brought a second notebook with you.  I love to sketch and draw – even for non-artistic purposes.  For example, I see something I would really love to create a DIY project for.  If I have my hPDA with me, I at least have something to jot down some quick notes.  But what happens when I want to record the visual aspects or start drawing up plans?  This ‘hack’ will hopefully solve that problem.


The only difference in construction from making a standard Circa/Rolla notebook is extending the back cover to accommodate the top discs for the “second” part.

I simply added just under a quarter of an inch to the top of the back cover. 

Smurfing (or Circa/Rolla punching) was quite simple.  I took one piece of my pre-punched paper and aligned it so the cover extend just a smidge past the bottom of the sheet. Then I punched the left side. 

Since I am addicted to “Junior” sized notebooks (5.5 by 8.5 inches), I cut my sketch paper to a width of just 5 inches.  This allows plenty of room to clear the side discs. 

I cut my cover to just over the standard “Junior” size.  I like my covers to protect the inside pages.  I may have to cut a bit more off of the top to ensure the top discs do not interfere with the closing.  But this is just a minor adjustment that can be made at the discretion of the user. 

And there you have it – a DIY Combo Notebook.


Currently I am working on something in an hPDA size using this same idea – some cards will be standard index cards and the other ‘notebook’ will be sketch paper. 

Another application of this same idea is in the works…  imagine a “DOCK” for your hPDA.  The same idea applies but the extension will be on the cover of my notebook.  Only the smurfs will be punched which will all the discs of my hPDA to “DOCK” on the top of my planner!  :D  Stay tuned…