Me with a thin mint smile at work.

Girl Scout cookies work well.

Matt and I ordered cookies from Dave’s daughter… they arrived last week. My boxes are intact but Matt’s have taken quite a hit. The first box of Thin Mints were opened before we even left work. I snapped the above picture with my work imac. Ain’t I just adorable? He’s down two whole boxes already… we’ll need to find more Girl Scouts.

I noticed a sore throat taking hold yesterday and by last night it was irritated to the point of painful swallowing. I hate colds and this is how they usually start for me. Powerade even burns going down today. Let’s hope I’m wrong and I’m not getting sick, k?

Here is a drawing I did last night. Circles are in, did you know? I doodle things like this a lot recently. Not this big or on anything appropriate so I decided to give it a go on a sketch book page. I like it… feels dreamy to me for some reason. I debated on adding color but opted to leave it black and white. Maybe I should add some digital color.

Speaking of color… I am so addicted to orange right now. Here is a flickr mosaic I made. One of the blogs I discovered does a “Mosaic Monday” post… I wonder if I should adopt that practice. (I hope Carina from Carina’s Craftblog doesn’t mind).
Here it is:
Orange Mosaic
1. Oranges, 2. Zoo trip, 3. Orange Blossom Necklace, 4. oranges, avocados, and pomelos., 5. I wish that I had duck feet…, 6. IMG_4871, 7. Up and Down, 8. Some ORANGE Leftovers, 9. Orange: didn’t make the assignment, 10. IMG_4900, 11. Sexy tulip, 12. Keep it Real ll, 13. Orange, 14. three two zero / 365, 15. Orange, 16. 2009 – 66/365 – Orange Orange en Macaron !, 17. ORANGE SUN, 18. JJD2001-19-3, 19. Orange, 20. Swamp HDR – Galapagos, 21., 22. honeycomb, 23. One-Eyed Wonder – Clownfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium, 24. Orange piece, 25. oranges
Created at BigHugeLabs

Speaking of color, I changed my name concept for the upcoming arrival of spring.
Spring Concept

I’ll leave you with one last picture – one of our Iggy Pup being adorable last week during the nice weather we were blessed with. Too much rain the past couple of days. I miss the sun.
Iggy Pup

Take care, be well. I’m off to entertain some fussy felines. =^..^=