This weekend was a good one. Saturday was beautiful and Iggy Pup and I went on two walks. While Matt was away fixing his car, Iggy decided he wanted to sleep in the sun. I couldn’t let him lay on the bare floor… so I brought his doggy bed into the dining room.

sunny spots are best

Iggy Pup on his bed of sunshine.

Sunday we took a mini trip to Lake Geneva. We have been visiting a specialty shop called “Paws For Treats” since Iggy Pup was just a lil squirt (6 mths-ish). The owners – Dave and Shelly – are just the nicest people and they adore Iggy and spoil him rotten. They have an excellent assortment of treats, accessories and even things for felines. If you ever make it to Lake Geneva – be sure to stop by their shop! After our visit, we walked around downtown and along the lake walk… the weather was so gorgeous! It made going to work today that much harder.

I also made progress in the crochet realm of my life. I have successfully used an entire skein of the blue yarn for my afghan and have a less-than-fist-sized ball of yellow left before that skein is gone. I am so proud of myself. This is officially the largest thing I have crocheted! I started it at the beginning of the year. It is a basic ripple pattern with skinnier ripple rows on the ends… well on one end so far.
Crochet Afghan - WIP
I had Matt snap this picture during our lunch today after Iggy and I went on a quick walk. I love the sunshine. The blanket reminds me of sun and blue skies too. I can’t wait to finish it and use it for a lovely nap with the windows wide open.

Notice the green fleece? St. Patty’s Day is tomorrow and to celebrate, I will be wearing more green. Matt made corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight. I must say that our slow cooker was one of the best Christmas presents. (Thanks Jen!)

Tonight I hope to get some organizational things done. I printed out a few more calendars to fill in since my first batch ends with April. I have to share how much I adore Oh.Amanda for her phenomenal diy planner template creations available over at I’m using page 5 of the black and white series on our refrigerator. I like being able to put stuff on there and encourage Matt to do the same. I’m not sure we will ever have the same habits when it comes to tracking things or organizing and planning…

In the design and artsy side of things… I’m working on a “great” idea – “Uvula Is Not A Dirty Word” … I have it sketched out and will be inking it this week. I’m thinking of offering it on t-shirts like my “got hpda” logo thing. Its likely that no one will buy one but its still fun. I did some checking and no one has that idea out there yet or at least I didn’t see any other versions.

Time goes so fast these days. I walked Iggy after work tonight and it was still sunny out. I can’t wait until the days get even longer. I don’t do well without sunshine. It won’t be too much longer before I’m up to my elbows in dirt and my gardens are blooming. :}