Here is a nice green mosaic in honor of the Irish holiday…
green mosaic
1. green wind…, 2. Green Lamp, 3. Apple, 4. Red Green and Bokeh, 5. Lorry,Malaysia, 6. acorn squash, 7. Want an ice-cream?, 8. Bubble View, 9. greens, 10. Shamrocks, 11. after more than a week , 12. Untitled, 13. Leaf Project – No.4, 14. 61468-green field, 15. After rain …, 16. snake, 17. Grün, 18. DSC_7382_DxO_ds1_rawAnd2more_LC, 19. Willow Coming Alive, 20. Green-orange, 21. Get to the Point., 22. Stool Sample, 23. Spike of Light, 24. Gift, 25. Starry-eyed

Green is such a beautiful color. Winter and its monotone gray color scheme can really depress me. I love seeing the small green sprouts of my garden struggling to return to life. The weather has been very spring like. Yesterday was in the sixties – it felt like heaven to me. There is that fresh and alive scent to the air and I can be outside without shivering or having my teeth chatter to the point of a headache.

Speaking of green, I wore my Hulk tshirt yesterday with my fuzzy green zip up hooded sweater. My friend Chris once told me it looked like a putting green but I still adore it. Matt wore the shamrock green tshirt I found on clearance a couple years ago. It never fit me right and it is from the men’s department. We were quite the couple.

Today is hopefully going to be a productive day.

I want to get organizer/planner life back in order. I’ll try to snap some pictures. I’m working on a “hold-all” for my paid bills and paperwork. Its a letter sized rolla/circa contraption. I need to punch some dividers I bought for a dollar at Target and get the rest of that paperwork sorted and punched. I have a feeling my shredder will be busy. My compact sized circa planner needs some tidying and I have newly acquired post-it tabs to incorporate. I need to create an compact sized archive and move some of the full pages.

I have several errands to run including a visit to my parents. I haven’t spent any time over there in the last weeks because of getting sick and being busy and all. I also have so many lil things I *should* do. Oh and I have a coupon for JoAnn fabrics I should use… 50% off is no laughing matter.

Matt and I are going to have a night out on the town so to speak. We are going to Milwaukee to see the Bucks game at the Bradley Center. I have never seen a live NBA game before and I can’t even remember the last time I was at the Bradley Center. We’ll be joining his friend and another couple for dinner and then the game. I hope we have lots of fun – we could both use it! Oh and don’t worry about Iggy Pup – we’re dropping him off at “Gramma & Grampa” G’s before we head out of town. (We call our parent’s Iggy’s grandparents… is that odd?)

I have so many ideas and projects I want to work on but so little free time. Last night we were at work until 9… after starting at 7:30am that was a LONG day that really took its toll. ::sigh:: Today is my day off though and that’s all that matters, right? :]

Take care, be well.