I peaked at the incoming links and it appears there is some interest in the BIC Triumph 730R.

I have one clipped to my Circa/Rolla Compact sized planner.

My Compact Circa Planner/Organizer/Life Aid

I did a little investigating and found this model was released in January (of 2009). Click on the photo to be taken to the BicNews page regarding the Triumph 730R.

Bic's News Release Regarding BIC Triumph 537R and BIC Triumph 70R (Click to be taken to the site).

I only first saw this pen at my local Target last month and scooped up a two pack for just under five dollars. This was definitely the first time I saw them – I would have noticed the attractive packaging right away. I was happy to see they were 0.5mm tips since that is my usual tip size of choice lately.

My first observations included the smooth tip and ink flow. There is little to no drag while writing which helps me keep my hand relaxed (less writing fatigue is great!). The barrel is comfortable and the pen cap holds tight to the end while writing. I hate when you can post the cap! I always fear losing them then. There is no grip but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t notice any slipping when I write. I immediately thought “This rivals the Pilot Precise V5.” The look of this pen is the much fancier in my opinion. The color and design makes it an eye-catching option for rollerball users. The nice thing is – you can still monitor your ink supply without it taking over the visual impact of the pen itself.

Since I mentioned my mental comparison to the Pilot Precise I thought these pictures would be helpful in seeing the similarities and differences.

Tip style and design are similar.

Writing with the pens is a similar experience. The BIC 0.5mm writes slightly heavier than the V5 but not as bold as the V7 on common 20lb paper.

The best selling point of this pen is it is REFILLABLE! The grip area unscrews from the pen body and cartridges are just swapped out. I think this is a great aspect to a wonderful pen that is sure to be part of my arsenal for years to come.

In conclusion – for the price, if you like Pilot Precise pens, or are looking for a new rollerball definitely give this one a chance to join your arsenal’s ranks.

Take care and be well.