Some of you may already know that I work at the local magazine. I work on three of our publications; my responsibilities include editorial, ad placement and page layouts. It sounds pretty concise but in actuality it is very intricate and stressful. I’ve come up with three different spreadsheets that I keep in Google Documents (just in case I have *another* hard drive die on me). I print out the one I need and keep can keep a close eye on progress.

Daily Arsenal 04.03.09

Friday was one of our deadline days. This photo shows my two pens of choice. The blue Pentel HyperG 0.7mm was not the pen I had thought of utilizing but it was handy. The red Paper Mate Flair was definitely on my mind. I like to coordinate my pen choices with my mood and a nice deep red ink fit just perfect.

There have been reviews of Pentel HyperG done before. Here are a couple links on the ones I can recall quicklly: Cheap Pen Review and Pen Addict .

Everyone holds their pens differently and each person has a varying taste for feel and design. Dowdyism couldn’t not handle (literally) the fin. I on the other hand barely notice it. I like the gel ink and the wider body. Both help me from developing writing fatigue.

The Paper Mate Flair is a classic felt tip pen and has been reviewed over at The Pen Addict. I love the ease of writing and the red ink has a lot of bang. Nothing says deadline day like this pen.

I don’t have any separate writing samples but you can see some of my notes in the picture. Lighting was not cooperating tonight.

Today’s arsenal included a Sharpie Ultra Fine marker & Sharpie pen both in black and my Prang Fine Line Markers. I did some doodles while at the laundry with Matt this morning. I’ll get those photographed and posted as soon as I can.

We also went office supply store shopping. Shopko had some Paper Mate products on sale for under a dollar so I snatched up a couple pencils and a couple retractable permanent markers. A visit to Office Depot ended my quest for the 6pk of Sharpie Pens including the orange and purple versions. We stopped at Target (not our town’s store) and they don’t have the Rhodia items yet. I wonder if its only select locations…

One more picture – one of my pet mouse Ripley.


Take care and be well.