Iggy Reviews Pens Too

Iggy Pup at his workstation. HP laptop, Pilot Varsity Pens in turquoise, purple & black, lots and lots of blankets

Iggy and I had some time to just relax and surf the web yesterday. We took the chance to get our three Pilot Varsity fountain pens up and writing again. Both had sat unused for awhile and just needed a dip in good old fashioned water. Thanks to all the people who gave me hints – the purple was/is the fussiest.

Varsity pens are a great way to enjoy the fountain pen world without spending a lot of money or having a heart attack every time you misplace one. (My Levenger fountain pen from Matt is going to be kept safe and sound here at home so I never have to worry).

fountain pen

Click to go to Flickr for more fountain pen pics.

Finances are no fun these days. I can almost hear the chorus of “Amen”s from across the globe. My JetPens order is taking a back seat but I have my list. My list of “Going To Have” pens – and it is VERY exciting to me. I’m such a nerd – just the thought of getting my hands on new uber elite writing utensils gives me the squees. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of advice and recommendations!

I worked on my crochet zig-zag ripple yellow and blue blanket today. No major progress so I didn’t snap a picture. I really didn’t do anything worth snapping a picture of this weekend. Unless you’d like to see the pile of sprouted maple seeds I pulled out of my gardens or an after shot of the fish bowls I cleaned or the toilet I made sparkle. (I loathe cleaning toilets, don’t you?)

I spent time with my family today and it was wonderful. My nephews are fifteen this year and it blows my mind how time flies. My journaling lately is filled with thoughts about time and aging. Writing with my Varsity last night made me realize that I would like to improve my penmanship. There is no time like the present. I know I need to practice being more loose and relaxed while I write – which will help my tendinitis dramatically I imagine. Does anyone have any tips or links to share?

All in all, this weekend was a good one. I look forward to picking up a pen or two or three and starting the week right tomorrow.

Take care and be well.