It’s been awhile … my apologies for not posting. The good news is I’ve added to my arsenal. More pens = happy!

First I need to show you my newest disposable fountain pen – the Itoya Blade. I opted for blue ink since I have a Pilot Varsity in Black.

Itoya Blade

The pen is slightly thinner and longer than the Varsity. I find it very comfortable to hold. The nib is much finer than the Varsity (US variety). The ink comes out smoothly and there is very little “noise” while writing. The blue is a great shade, not to light or dark. I really enjoy this pen!

Itoya Blade

Both the Varsity and Blade offer a inexpensive entry into the world of fountain pens. They sport visible ink supplies and smooth writing experiences. Varsity pens can be “hacked” and refilled with the fountain pen ink of your choice. Unfortunately every Itoya Blade hack attempt I have read about failed and resulted in the disposal of this disposable fountain pen. If anyone knows of a success in refilling one, please let me know.

Uniball Signo 207
The next addition to my arsenal is the pack of Uniball Signo 207s in 8 marvelous silky gel inks. I have been debating on this purchase for a LONG time. I broke out my black 207 0.7mm for work last week and fell in love with the silky gel ink. That did it – something so smooth and in pretty colors cannot be bad, right?

The pack includes Light Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue and Black. This picture below is off a bit but you get the gist of the colors. The pink is too neon for my liking. I just want a pink gel pen that I can write with without burning my retinas or straining myself into blindness. Any recommendations? Also, the pink seems to write a finer line that the other colors. Maybe its an illusion because the color is so much lighter. The purple is quite dark but rich, I’m pretty sure it will grow on me. The orange is yummy and I’m addicted to it – surprised?

Uniball Signo 207

I used to green on Friday. It was a deadline day but green just felt right. Maybe its my longing for my time in the garden and for leaves on the trees.

Uniball Signo 207Uniball Signo 207

Some of you may not be aware of the point difference between the Signo 207 in Med. (0.7mm) and Micro (0.5mm) so I did a side by side comparison.

I doodled a bit last night. This was the result… Doubt you’ll see these in the Louvre any time soon.

Good night all… Iggy Pup and I have some kitties to cuddle with and some sheep to count.
Iggy Pup
Take care and be well.