It’s challenging for me to balance out my life and unfortunately art often falls by the wayside. It depresses me when I do a mental tally of days since I last held a pencil or paintbrush and I can’t even recall. In efforts to rejoin the art world, I declared today a Doodle Day…

I grabbed my Pentel click eraser and my new Apex mechanical pencil and got to doodling this morning after a few games of Scramble.

Doodle Day

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Matt and I ran our errands, grabbed some lunch at OCB (Old Country Buffet) and I doodled at every possible moment.

Doodle Day

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After a stop at my parents and quite a few rounds of Boggle, we came home and took Iggy Pup for a nice walk. The weather today was so nice compared to the rainy and cold of yesterday and Monday. Iggy and I went back out and I did some more doodling while he watched the yard and neighborhood. He also insisted on taste testing the dirt and dry leaves from last fall. mmm yum.

sketchbook, pentel eraser, apex pencil, pilot precise gel

Doodle Day

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Yeah I have a thing for monkeys who throw poop and robots and odd shapes with cute lil faces. I can’t help it…

The point of all this was to get something out – even if it won’t be framed or takes me less time to draw it than it does for me to cap the pen afterward. Don’t let yourself criticize your own doodles. I find I have to struggle to keep my inner critic quiet but once I place duct tape over her big mouth, I have a lot of fun. I encourage you to grab a pen or pencil and doodle something – anything. See if you don’t feel lighter after.

Take care and be well. Also – Happy Earth Day!