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Uniball & Circa

Today's rock: compact circa planner/life aid and Uniball Visions.

Today was one of “those days” for me. Luckily it wasn’t pen related angst. Do you have any pens that are several years old but still hold their own? I grabbed my black Uniball Visions, fine and micro, and they never let me down despite being 5 years old or more.

Eye catching ends of caps, no?

I recall sitting in my high school class and asking a friend if I could see her pen. The end of the cap was so unique and eye catching. That week I went out and bought my first pack of Vision pens. I’ve used several up over the years. But I always keep one waiting in my arsenal for active duty.

The fine is a 0.7mm but writes a  heavier line to me. The micro weighs in at a 0.5mm and also seems slightly heavy to me but not too far from the average. I failed to capture any writing samples when the lighting was ample. Instead I snapped this shot which makes the cap ends look like eyeballs. Can you see a face? heheh (yuh – imma dork)

This totally reminds me of the Geico commercial's money stack with eyes.

After work I needed some stress relief. Iggy and I enjoyed a nice walk in the sun. Nothing clears my mind and relaxes me like a good walk. There are cases of people walking themselves out of depression, literally. I can see why walking is recommended by many therapists. I wonder if bubble blowing is ever endorsed.


Breaking News: Iggy Pup eats bubble. And likes it.

Since the sun decided to come out this evening, Iggy and I decided to enjoy it a little longer. I grabbed my bottle of bubbles and did my best to get the wind to cooperate. Iggy Pup taste tested the bubbles and didn’t seem to mind. The few that blew back at me were less than satisfactory to my palette. To each his/her own, right?

Take care and be well.


See I really do exist!