As some of you may know, my Friday left a lot to be desired.

I spent my time in school preparing myself for a career in art. In college, a professor told us that a slim percentage of us art majors would work in the field. I graduated with my BA in studio art and began my quest. I was laid off in 2004 from a job devoid of art and again a couple of years later from a job that was semi-art related. After finding a new job that would allow my artistic side to shine, I thought I could settle in and let things develop. I now find myself at an impasse. I will figure it all out but right now I feel that static energy deep in my gut that reminds me of the hard times I put behind me.

I drew up a quick card for my coworker Leslie yesterday. I used my Super Sharpie. I don’t often grab the jumbo sized but it felt like a good day to be armed with a super-sized permanent marker. Leslie enjoyed the card since things have been stressful and unpleasant recently in her world too. I included the caterpillar on the inside because the one on the doodle page from before got such a big reaction from her. :]
Card for Leslie006

My recent jump back into doodling must have knocked something lose because I keep coming up with different ideas for goofy-doodle-esque creatures. Nothing too heavy or involved, nothing serious or realistic. Here are two more that have fallen out of my Uniball Vision pens.


It’s liberating to feel I didn’t make any errors and no criticism is likely since these are silly doodle monsters that can be anything I want. I can be very hard on myself – a person’s worse critic is often themselves after all. But in doodle-mode I can set seriousness and troubled thoughts aside and just doodle myself happy again.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Take care and be well.