Monday was a productive day and I had a real nice selection of pens to choose from… not my entire arsenal but a great sampling.


Too many pens? NEVER!

I decided to give my Staples OptiFlow in blue a good workout.

House brands are not a sure thing. I am happy to report that Staples got it right with these. The pack of 6 pack includes 2 black and blue and one each in red and green. They are a 0.5mm rollerball with a slightly thicker than average barrel. The cap posts securely and makes a nice solid click sound when replaced.

Staples OptiFlow

Staples OptiFlow in blue, red, green & black 0.5mm

Staples OptiFlow

The blue ink is a true blue. The 0.5mm line is average for the size and can be seen next to the black UniBall Vision 0.7mm in the pics. I haven’t experienced any skipping or trouble writing with these pens yet and I don’t foresee any issues in the future.

Today’s Arsenal

Wednesdays are my days off and I like to try to do something fun. Today Matt and I went to the laundry. I decided to work on my pirates and socks combo idea. I am happy to share the results with you.

Pirate n Socks

I would have liked to have had a Sharpie or Mark-It with me. I think a thicker line would have been much nicer BUT I am going to keep working on this idea so stay tuned.

I also filled a page with some cute doodles of robots, shapes with faces, a flying bird, a monkey and other fun stuff. I drew these with my Uniball Vision 0.7mm and accented with a pink Pilot G2 mini and Papermate gel pens.

Doodles 20090429

Click to go to flickr - more sizes available.

Do you see my doodles getting looser and more free? I feel it when I grab my pen and place the tip to the paper. I no longer pre-criticize and censor. I just let it happen and work with it. I don’t tense up and think about messing up the shapes or ideas.

Lastly, I had to share this. Monday at work I found a piece of newsprint with a message for us all. It made me smile… life is short and we should try to have some fun every day.

Take care and be well.