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I have been guilty of filling up my cart at JetPens a gazillion billion times but never checking out… I chicken out. With so many uber options how can I be sure I picked the right ones?

This is a huge burden I am not ready to bear alone.

Now comes my plea – help me decide! Pretty please!

Let me know what you think I should order … be honest and if you could offer a little bit of a reason behind your suggestions, that would be even more spectacular!

edit: Okay a little guidance has been requested :]

I adore gel pens these days … liquid ink seems to be my gig. The frixion pens that PenAddict reviewed today looks fun. Bright sassy fun unconventional colors are a must… but I won’t say no to a blue-black or something a little different from the norm. See what I mean? I really do like too many pens! :}
Take care, be well and let the commenting begin!


Thank you so much for the input everyone~! I really appreciate the comments here and at Twitter!

My order plans are shaping up – But I’m still not certain.

My fountain pen envy (penvy) is roaring along. I love the look of the Lamy Vista and dream of stocking my arsenal with bottles of gorgeous inks. But I see that JetPens has the Varsity pens in fine point! I’ve seen the “hack” of refilling these ‘disposable’ fountain pens and I’m wondering if this is the route for my ever changing pen fascinations.

Dowdyism at PenAddict has lit a fire in me to try the Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 Gel Pens. I’m leaning towards the 0.38mm tip but am just overwhelmed with the variety of colors! OfficeSupplyGeek says blue-black, I like the lime green too. Does anyone know of a ink color chart for these? (It would be so much easier if I were rich and unrestricted! (or at least not budgeted)).

The recent buzz about the Frixion line has my spidey-sense tingling. I’m dying to try the Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pen 0.7 mm. The purplish red (thanks to dowdyism) and the dark orange are in my cart. I would **love** to find the 24 pack under my pillow from the pen fairy some day but these two will have to do for now.

I have a set Uniball Jetstream in the 1.0mm (black, blue, red) and really love the ink flow. I’m debating on getting a new body or a refill. Will these refills work in my current bodies? I’m stuck on whether to buy a 0.5 or 0.7. Oy the agony of decisions!

The Uni-ball Signo RT UM-138 Gel Ink Pen 0.38 mm in Lavender Black is calling my name. I really want to try this body and the color just sounds fun. (Thanks to Nosferatuia!)

I am going to avoid any more Slicci’s since the physical shape of the pen doesn’t really mesh with my likes. I have a few blues in 0.4mm from Arathi and I find I pull them out every so often but not enough to warrant purchasing more just yet.

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 3 Color Multi Pen is really an awesome item! (Thanks SarahHB1) … But once again the color choices are overwhelming. Here is another place where a color chart would help me out.

I’m still not sure about which fountain pen inks to consider. I also have a couple questions – please holla via Twitter or a comment if you can help me. Can Lamy fountain pens take only Lamy cartridges? How do I know what cartridge to buy to fit my Levenger fountain pen?

If you haven’t stopped by JetPens yet you are missing the virtual pen heaven I used to dream about!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Take care and be well.

Today began with an indecisive visit to my pen stash… What did today feel like? Fine point black ink? blue ink? medium point? Color? I grabbed a handful… actually selected one by one an entire handful of pens and set off to work.

Indecisive Pen Day
My selected stash included: Pilot G2 0.7 black, Bic Triumph 730R black, Uniball Jetstream blue, Pilot Precise V5 black, Pentel Energel Fine black, Sharpie Pen black, Uniball Signo 207 blue, Pilot Precise V5 retractable black and on top is a G2 in brown.

I wrote in my Markings journal last night with the brown G2. I like the brown ink on the cream pages. But it wasn’t right for work. I hesitated to make my selection until I had something to write. I finally grabbed the Sharpie pen in black.

There has been a lot of buzz about these pens. Sharpie in pen form that doesn’t bleed through paper is great. I find them reliable and good for art and writing. The barrel shape is quite narrow which doesn’t match my mood some days but when it does, these pens are reliable and never fail to write well.

I am pretty attentive to details and not long after uncapping the pen, I realized there were some significant dents in the barrel. I’m disappointed. This pen has been safely stored in a pen case at home or in my purse. Unless there are some mini-ninjas in my purse beating up my writing utensils, this damage happened during what I consider normal conditions.

Has anyone else run into this? I was contemplating buying the multi color set at Office Depot which includes black, blue, red, green, purple and orange. But now I am not so sure.

Work went by and Matt and I escaped to run errands. A trip to Office Max resulted in the purchase of…

One pack of Pilot G2 in the newly available 0.38mm tip. I had to try them… didn’t I? I was on a quest to find the Uniball Signo 207 needle point pens in orange but had no luck. I did find a retractable Tul gel pen in orange and a Tul ultra fine marker in orange at the registers. (open stock single pens – yay!) Yes I have an orange fetish these days… Can you blame me? Its cheery bright and legible otherwise it would probably be yellow calling my name all the time. I did pick up the big pack of Pilot G2 pens but put it down again. I have almost all the colors in there but the orange… I do want the orange one but so many repeats. Does anyone know of pen exchange program?

Another component of my daily arsenal was one of the tatoos that came with the egg dying kit we used yesterday. I put it on the back of my hand thinking maybe it would last through the afternoon. I can’t believe it survived through a shower and my neurotic hand washing today!

Just another little reminder that spring is here and flowers SHOULD start blooming one of these days.

Take care and be well.

Sunday was laundry day. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the adventure of going to a public laundry. I packed up my Sharpie Ultra Fine marker & Sharpie pen, Prang Fine Line Markers, and my sketchbook and we set out. I managed to get three “doodles” done. Two were more sketch-like than I have done in the past. All of them play with activating negative space and color.

The sketchbook I brought is a 6 by 6 inch wire bound “Reflexions” that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I do not care for how the paper takes the Prang Fine Line markers. I noticed quite a bit of feathering and bleeding of colors into one another. I had not run into that when I had used Bic permanent markers earlier. I also had no issue using watercolor washes in this sketchbook. Live and learn, right? In the future I will try some colored pencils and see how things look.

The Sharpie Ultra Fine is a great marker. I wish it were just a tad bit finer. I plan on doing a comparison of “Ultra Fine” markers one of these days. I found it difficult to get as fine of a line as I initially wanted and almost switched over to the Sharpie pen but resisted the urge. The Prang markers were inexpensive and I like the bold colors. One complaint I have is that the blue and purple are way too similar. I feel this ruined the first “doodle” of the day.

I love that the Prang set includes gray. Its a fast way to shade quick sketches and doodles. It also compliments the yellow and sky blue shown below.

I have a fascination with orange these days and love the bright and bold combination of red, yellow and orange. This was finished just before the dryers got done and laundry folding commenced.

Yesterday was another deadline day. I wasn’t sure what pen I was going to grab on my way out the door … Monday night I had considered my fushia Flair or my pink Sarasa. When the time came, I tossed my purple Magna Tank 0.5mm in my bag and headed to work.

These pens are made by Peachtree Playthings and bare the name INC. The set of blue, black, red, green and purple can be purchased at Wal-Mart. I have also found 2 packs of just the black and blue at the local dollar store.

The pens have a nice needle tip and substantial barrel. There is a nice grip area and the cap posts solidly. There is some drag when writing with these pens but it is not an unpleasant experience. The gel ink is smooth and the line is consistent. I haven’t run into any skipping or blobbing. This pen was a great choice for a deadline Tuesday.

The above photo shows writing samples for both the 0.5mm Magna Tank in purple and the Liquid Expresso in blue that I utilized yesterday. As I stated yesterday, for a medium liquid ink pen, the Expresso does a great job letting you write small in small places.

Today my arsenal included my Uniball Signo 207 again and EASTER EGG DYE!!! I know – egg dying is aimed at children younger than 29. Oh well :] Matt and I visited my parents for egg decorating and some Boggle.
We brought home 11 eggs … They may not look like much but our eggs are artistic and ma’velous. Most of the extra special ones are still at my parent’s. I think they sent us home with the ‘rejects’ lol.

Boggle is a serious game in my family. Everyone plays for keeps. Mom usually laughs because I dig my pen of choice out of my purse before we begin. Today it was the Signo 207 Micro in blue. I won a fair number of games so it must have been the right choice.

There, now we are all caught up :] Are you enjoying these “Daily Arsenal” posts? Want to share what pen you used today and why? Feel free to leave a comment.

Take care and be well.

Today was a hard day… being behind because of Friday’s insanity plus leaving work for an appointment mid-day meant I had to be on the ball. I accomplished what I wanted to before leaving tonight.

Here is a glimpse of what I had in my arsenal today.

From Untitled Album

In this photo: my assortment of work-issued highlighters, tons of paperwork (lots of past issues for reference), my printed google spreadsheet to guide me through my battle, my circa/rolla compact planner, a Sanford Liquid Expresso in blue, a blue UniBall Signo 207 micro and a Bic permanent marker.

From Untitled Album

Someone on DIYPlanner posted about Post-It addictions. I have sticky notes coming out of my ears. But these have to be some of my favorites. I love using them at work since they are humorous. I picked them up on clearance at Office Max. Click to see a larger version and read some the options. I have a square and circle pad of busy multi colored ones from a friend and the traditional yellow (work-issued).

From Untitled Album

Today’s pens were premeditated. I wanted to bring the Liquid Expresso on Friday but couldn’t find it easily. I was prepared this morning. The 207 spawned from the review over at Mind Most Peculiar I almost bought a 2 pack of the pink 0.7mm version yesterday while perusing Office Depot but stayed strong and resisted.

The Liquid Expresso is easy to write with and the color is bold and powerful. I don’t have to press at all to leave a nice dark mark and that helps me thwart any wrist complications in my daily adventures. The Signo is equally reliable. I can count a fine but smooth line that doesn’t take any pressure to leave.

I mainly used the Signo 207 in my planner to record personal notes and reminders, my times in and out at work and stuff at the Vet’s office I wasn’t going to recall because of emotions running high.

From Untitled Album

I would say the Liquid express writes like an average bold gel pen tip or the Paper Mate Flair. Its definitely not a fine line but I like the control. I don’t feel that it is TOO wide or unruly. The lines on my Google spreadsheets are not very large and I can fit a lot of info into a small space when needed.

The Signo 207 Micro writes smaller than the average 0.5mm in my opinion. The smooth and non-scratchy gel ink and small tip has really boosted this pens popularity. I hope to try the 0.7mm someday soon.

Both pens offer visible ink supply. The Liquid Expresso sports a durable, porous plastic point. I can’t comment on durability because I hardly press down with it. If you use it the same you can expect it to hold up well. As stated earlier, the 207 is a gel pen and unlike the Expresso, it is retractable. This feature is nice for those of us who misplace caps. The Expresso cap does fit snugly on the end so no losses are likely. The 207 is refillable which is a nice “green” feature. Both pens are available in other colors and tip sizes.

That’s all for today’s arsenal. Tomorrow is deadline day… what will my future hold – fushia or pink? A nice bold, attention commanding line that demands respect? or a small fine micro line that boast control and that ‘in-charge’ attitude? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Take care and be well.


The vet diagnosed my angel with a painful abdominal tumor. I thought only of ending her pain and had her put to sleep. Rest in peace baby girl.

TFM Dainty’s Topanga
07/01/07 – 04/06/09

I didn’t post anything for Poe, the leader of the quartet. She passed away last month from old age.
po nibble

TFM Dainty’s Poetry In Motion
07/01/07 – 03/01/09

Some of you may already know that I work at the local magazine. I work on three of our publications; my responsibilities include editorial, ad placement and page layouts. It sounds pretty concise but in actuality it is very intricate and stressful. I’ve come up with three different spreadsheets that I keep in Google Documents (just in case I have *another* hard drive die on me). I print out the one I need and keep can keep a close eye on progress.

Daily Arsenal 04.03.09

Friday was one of our deadline days. This photo shows my two pens of choice. The blue Pentel HyperG 0.7mm was not the pen I had thought of utilizing but it was handy. The red Paper Mate Flair was definitely on my mind. I like to coordinate my pen choices with my mood and a nice deep red ink fit just perfect.

There have been reviews of Pentel HyperG done before. Here are a couple links on the ones I can recall quicklly: Cheap Pen Review and Pen Addict .

Everyone holds their pens differently and each person has a varying taste for feel and design. Dowdyism couldn’t not handle (literally) the fin. I on the other hand barely notice it. I like the gel ink and the wider body. Both help me from developing writing fatigue.

The Paper Mate Flair is a classic felt tip pen and has been reviewed over at The Pen Addict. I love the ease of writing and the red ink has a lot of bang. Nothing says deadline day like this pen.

I don’t have any separate writing samples but you can see some of my notes in the picture. Lighting was not cooperating tonight.

Today’s arsenal included a Sharpie Ultra Fine marker & Sharpie pen both in black and my Prang Fine Line Markers. I did some doodles while at the laundry with Matt this morning. I’ll get those photographed and posted as soon as I can.

We also went office supply store shopping. Shopko had some Paper Mate products on sale for under a dollar so I snatched up a couple pencils and a couple retractable permanent markers. A visit to Office Depot ended my quest for the 6pk of Sharpie Pens including the orange and purple versions. We stopped at Target (not our town’s store) and they don’t have the Rhodia items yet. I wonder if its only select locations…

One more picture – one of my pet mouse Ripley.


Take care and be well.

I peaked at the incoming links and it appears there is some interest in the BIC Triumph 730R.

I have one clipped to my Circa/Rolla Compact sized planner.

My Compact Circa Planner/Organizer/Life Aid

I did a little investigating and found this model was released in January (of 2009). Click on the photo to be taken to the BicNews page regarding the Triumph 730R.

Bic's News Release Regarding BIC Triumph 537R and BIC Triumph 70R (Click to be taken to the site).

I only first saw this pen at my local Target last month and scooped up a two pack for just under five dollars. This was definitely the first time I saw them – I would have noticed the attractive packaging right away. I was happy to see they were 0.5mm tips since that is my usual tip size of choice lately.

My first observations included the smooth tip and ink flow. There is little to no drag while writing which helps me keep my hand relaxed (less writing fatigue is great!). The barrel is comfortable and the pen cap holds tight to the end while writing. I hate when you can post the cap! I always fear losing them then. There is no grip but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t notice any slipping when I write. I immediately thought “This rivals the Pilot Precise V5.” The look of this pen is the much fancier in my opinion. The color and design makes it an eye-catching option for rollerball users. The nice thing is – you can still monitor your ink supply without it taking over the visual impact of the pen itself.

Since I mentioned my mental comparison to the Pilot Precise I thought these pictures would be helpful in seeing the similarities and differences.

Tip style and design are similar.

Writing with the pens is a similar experience. The BIC 0.5mm writes slightly heavier than the V5 but not as bold as the V7 on common 20lb paper.

The best selling point of this pen is it is REFILLABLE! The grip area unscrews from the pen body and cartridges are just swapped out. I think this is a great aspect to a wonderful pen that is sure to be part of my arsenal for years to come.

In conclusion – for the price, if you like Pilot Precise pens, or are looking for a new rollerball definitely give this one a chance to join your arsenal’s ranks.

Take care and be well.