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My Mum called this morning and informed me that Dad and her were heading over to dig in my gardens. I was in one of my “no sun – no energy” moods and planned to sit on the futon until forced to move by bodily need or human intervention. I grabbed my overalls and gardening shoes and headed out. Oh and my bandanna. I live in my bandanna when I don’t have energy. I really need a hair cut but that isn’t really the point of my post tonight.

We removed all the maximilian sunflowers from the south end of the east garden. They never did much even with improved soil. Sad really. The ones out in the county get so tall and have millions of blooms on each stalk. Mine bloom so late in the season and topple over from their own weight – unable to hold up their dinky blooms.

My parents have come to terms with my own physical weakness. I have no rippling muscles and have tendinitis in both wrists. I’m still in denial but both my parents help so much. Matt even joined the fun. The south end of the east garden is now de-rooted and revitalized with peat moss and compost. I planted my new blue delphinium and a couple perennial lobelia. I’m excited to get things moved around. Oh and my orange poppies have been relocated to the sunny part of the south garden. Oh how wonderful orange poppies will be!

Orange is such a powerful color. Friday was a deadline day and I took a breather – just one moment and glanced around my work area. I had so much fun orange I just had to capture it.

Unofficial Orange Day

Click to go to flickr - more sizes and notes available.

I grabbed my Rose Art colored pencils on the way to work Thursday and colored a blue corner in my journal. Then later did an orange arch. Friday I was majorly craving fresh fruit so I drew a strawberry. Today I drew the orange and kiwi slice. I’m going to write “but i had Taco Bell for dinner” since we ended up stopping there before taking Iggy Pup to the dog park to see his German Shepherd Dog girlfriend Sammy.

Journal Spread

Click to go to flickr - more sizes available.

I don’t mind not finishing entries on the day listed any more. Journaling has become free and enjoyable. I don’t feel rushed or pinned to finishing the entry in daily order. A page for each day is okay and I can finish it when I feel the motivation or have the time. Life is strenuous enough without adding journaling to the list of must-dos.

I have so many ideas for art projects now its unreal. I bought gel medium so I want to work on collages. I also have all my new fancy edge scissors to experiment with. I bought some clearance art pens at Hobby Lobby this week and haven’t uncapped any of them. I am getting CraftyChica’s book Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing: Fabu-Low-Sew Ideas for the Everyday Crafter for becoming her 4,000th follower on Twitter! I’m am SOOO excited! I’ve only made one item with my new-to-me sewing machine – a bag – and I’m falling in love with the idea of making more things. I do need to find out how to make my machine to a zig-zag stitch so I can sew paper for my collages. I have a sick desire to learn to quilt. Comfortstitching has the most exquisite quilts that inspire and tempt me to try one for myself.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you’d rather I just do something and post about than post about wanting to do it, right?
Take care and be well.

Its been crazy busy here but I wanted to get a blog post up.

I’ve been journaling on and off for as long as I can remember. Matt and I watched 1,000 Journals over the weekend. What a marvelous idea! Someguy sent out 1,000 blank journals into the world. The results were beyond inspiring. I got to thinking about my journals. I struggle to finish them and I think I know why. I try too hard to play by some unwritten laws. I buy a great book that I like and then I write neatly in between the lines. I have broken out of my norm by doodling in my journal this year which was a great step. But then I see journals like Paper Relics and I see how free one can be!

Matt and I went out to lunch on Sunday and I took out my journal and our recent issue from work and went at it. I used my sparkly gel burst pens and my new Stabilo Point 88s. It felt good to just go crazy. I know its not very organized or balanced but I had to explode onto the page to get my bearings in this new adventure.

Journal Pages

Monday I loaded my Parker 21 and my Parker 45… so the journal page was just boring writing between the lines. But look at the pretty ink colors! Levenger Claret and J Herbin Orange Indien.

My first two bottles of fountain pen ink are now in use!

Tuesday was a LONG day at work. Yes you read the journal page watch face correctly – 7:20am to 11:06pm. I like this page – I broke all the “rules” I’ve followed for so long and enjoyed every minute of it. I even glued in Wendy from Matt’s chicken sandwich rapper. muwahahhahaha take that!

Journal Pages

I don’t want things to perfect. I’d rather spend the little time I have doing rather than planning, measuring, laying out and all that jazz. I know – it looks like it, right? But that’s my point! Go ahead – give it a whirl, you may set yourself free too.

Today’s page isn’t done yet but I wanted to share it. I love that I can use anything to create visual interest. I bought a 10 pack of fancy scissors today and grabbed some junk mail. What a great way to recycle! We had lunch at IHOP – strawberry festival is going on! Nomnom.

Journal Pages

My gardens are moving along with out me. I did do some watering but I need to get some transplanting and more weeding done one of these days. I love the variety of flowers I have here.



I’ll leave you with a photo of Ripley’s tank. I’ve been trying to offer him a large variety of things for playing, climbing and chewing. He’s been in the 20 gallon long tank for awhile now and I don’t think I’ll be switching him back. I love having all the room to fill for him.


I will be back to blogging soon – I promise.

Working six days straight last week really took its toll on my extra curricular activities.

Take care, be well and stay tuned.

This weekend was filled. I spent time in the garden, at the dog park, cleaning, walking, playing with Iggy in the yard, drawing, and watching tele. I even managed a nap Saturday evening.

My father teaches cartooning classes at the public museum every year. I can’t recall when he started so I must have been pretty young. Today the museum had a “Sunday Fundays” event called “Celebrate Japan.” My father had three tables dedicated to Anime and Manga art. My nephew and I both came along to help out any way we could. After set up we both pretty much just sat and drew. Dad finished four drawings for the raffle. Four different children won Bob Anderson originals. I love my family and spending the afternoon with Dad and Mykel was great. I really needed it.

Sunday Fundays "Celebrate Japan"

My nephew and my father.

Two tables were covered with a plethora of manga and anime books, magazines and posters. There was a movie playing on the tele in the corner. Dad had lots of information on both anime and manga printed out and displayed around the tables for people to read. He had two different handouts people could take about cartooning using basic shapes. Dad sat right in the center of the main table and worked on inking and coloring the four raffle prizes. Two of “Sailor Moon” and “Dragon Ball Z.” It was a lot of fun and I think the families who came through enjoyed it too.

Dad's raffle prizes

This morning I began doodling with my trusty Sharpie and Crayola markers. I also had my retractable Pentel and Bic Mark-It in my arsenal.

I can hear my BIC and Pentel saying "Sharpie, Sharpie, Sharpie"

The resulting doodles are bright and fun. I’m in love with the “Critter Cubes” and will probably introduce them at my Zazzle shop before too long.


Started Sunday morning, finished Sunday afternoon.

A boy mentioned loving ninjas so I had to give Ninja Bean a go. Some day I will try a comic strip with him. I’m not sure but I might like Cube Ninja better.

Ninja Bean

Cube Critters

I'm in love with Cube Bunny.

Cube Critters

Hello Kitty has nothing on Cube Kitty!

So what are your thoughts? Love ’em or leave ’em? Would you or could you see these on buttons and stickers?


Wednesday I grabbed my click eraser and Apex pencil and accompanied Matt to the dentist. I haven’t been doing detailed or shaded drawings lately so I wanted to see if I still could. This sketch book’s paper isn’t the best but I’m happy I haven’t completely lost my touch.


After the dentist, we stopped at Office Max. Yep, I ended up bringing home reinforcements for my arsenal. Retractable Uniball Jetstreams were on clearance for 80 cents – who could resist that? I also grabbed a fine Uniball Vision needle in green and a TUL permanent marker.

Tul, Uniball Vision Needle Green, Blue, Jetstreams

Sunny Nap

Fresh air leads to Iggy Pup naps.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Take care and be well.

I’ve loved the word “uvula” since I first learned it.

I came up with this concept awhile ago but didn’t get it drawn up until yesterday. I grabbed my Sharpie markers and some paper and joined Iggy Pup outside. I like “hand drawn” quality. I hope you all like it too.

uvula is not a dirty word

Take care and be well.
It is available on a variety of stickers, buttons and t-shirts over at my Zazzle shop.

This has been a question plaguing the intellectual world for centuries…or at least that’s the stance I’m taking.

Doodle time is rare on work days but yesterday I took out my 3×5 inch sketchbook and my black Vision Elite micro and drew the entire ride to work. Don’t worry, Matt was driving.


Click to go to flickr - more sizes and notes available.

I’d like to introduce “Super Broom and his sidekick Dustpan Steve.” They are up there with Ninja Bean for potential comic doodles. The other two I really like are the Cat Poop and Dog Poop drawings. Everyone who has pets knows a major part of life with them is poop.

Today, I grabbed my new twist crayons and drew during the ride to work again. My coworker suggested I call the forbidden love between the dog and cat “fecal love” LOL


Poopy Love? ;)

So what do you say? Can poo be cute?

Oh and don’t miss the new items at my Zazzle shop :) Now there are clothes!

Take care and be well.

Matt whisked me off to Chicago via my first Metra train ride on Wednesday. It is amazing how diverse things are in big cities. We spent the majority time walking which led to some achey moments on Thursday but we had a blast! I cannot wait to do it again…

Chicago Trip

Millenium Park in Chicago, IL

I love the sculptures that are sprinkled around Chicago. Here is one in Millennium park which I fondly refer to as the “Jelly Bean.”

It might be common knowledge that I rarely win things. I like entering contests and giveaways for the sheer thrill of MAYBE it being my turn. I was so psyched when we walked into Blick’s Art Materials and were greeted with a chance to win something from their prize wheel. I gave that wheel a mighty spin and walked away with a FREE TSHIRT~! Matt walked away with a 40% off coupon which is also a great prize. What a great way to impress a first time customer. I am definitely going back to Blick in the future.

Me modeling my new Blick tshirt.

The selection at Blick’s was amazing. I found myself squeeing with glee when I entered the pen and marker aisles. Could heaven have so many choices? The notebook and sketchbook selection was overwhelming. Miquelrius, Handbook, Rhodia – my head was spinning with all the possibilities. Of course my budget won out since I have splurged a lot lately. The employees at Blick were SOOOO nice and helpful. One asked me if I wanted a basket to put all the goodies I was carrying around into. I declined and explained it kept me under control. If I could, I would move into that store. In the end, I walked out with my first set of Stabilo Point 88 pens and a 5×5 Rhodia notebook.

My Chicago purchases

Rhodia 5x5, Stabilo Point 88 20 pack in awesome split case held together with velcro, Levenger Claret bottled ink

You had to notice there are three items in that photo and one says Levenger. Matt and I found Levenger after some confusion. It was INSIDE Macy’s. Doh. I didn’t find an epic Circa bar like I had visited a million times in my daydreams but I was delighted to sample several of their fountain pen inks. I couldn’t leave empty handed, could I? I’m happy to announce “Claret” is my first bottle of fountain pen ink.

Matt and I enjoyed a nice visit to the Chicago Art Institute. The contemporary art was not on display since the Modern wing is opening soon. We were disappointed but were happy to discover some Pollock pieces in the Prints and Drawings collection. Something about seeing all those works of art being appreciated and treasured brightens my outlook on life. In a busy bustling city like Chicago, people still visit the Institute for a dose of art.

So what do you do after eight hours of walking, your first two train rides and several shop visits? You give your new toys a workout!

Chicago Trip - Stabilo Point 88

Click to go to flickr - more sizes available.

Today’s Arsenal

Imagine if you will, a crowded restaurant, a pocket full of Pilot G2’s and a sketchbook on the table. Yes, I really did have three different point sizes in the kangaroo pouch pocket of my hoodie. Black Pilot G2s in 0.38, 0.5 and 0.7.

In honor of my first Qdoba burrito, I pitched the idea of “Revenge of the Pinto Bean” to Matt. He said to run with it so it was inevitable that Ninja Bean would soon join the ranks of doodles in my sketchbook. Here is the first ink versions of Ninja Bean doodled with Pilot G2s.

Revenge Of The Pinto Bean

I doodled these zombies in my journal awhile back and thought I would see if anyone had any interest in them for my Zazzle shop. Also, don’t hesitate to request a design. I love creating things for others!

Zombies invade my journal~!Zombies invade my journal~!Zombies invade my journal~!Zombies invade my journal~!

In Memoriam


Maximus on 04/30/09, our last night together.

Lastly, I wanted to post my favorite picture of Maximus. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, my family recently had to say goodbye. Max was diagnosed with bone cancer at the end of April after a dental extraction revealed his jaw had turned to mush under the suspect tooth.

Max’s Story

In the Spring of 2000, my sister discovered an abandoned white and orange tabby in the house she and her fiance were renovating. It was evident by her condition she was homeless. When her pregnancy was noticed, how could we not invite her into our home. Mom and Dad may not have been on board with the entire situation but Molly soon was a resident in my upstairs bedroom. The kittens were born in my bedroom on July 31, 2000. I remember the night well since I was at work and Mom called me to fill me on the birth of four healthy kittens. Muffin and Willow were the females and Squash and Gizmo were the boys.

Awhile later, Mom called my cell phone in a panic while I was at friend’s house. Muffin had tumbled over while playing and revealed a secret. She was a boy! Since he was the largest of the kittens, we had no problem naming Maximus after one of Mom’s favorite movies -“Gladiator”.

Squash, Willow and Max were our family felines. I was away at college and missed a lot of their kitten days but the time I enjoyed was wonderful. They were our babies. Gizmo went to live with a friend of my sister and Molly found a forever home with an older couple.

We lost Willow to an unfortunate complication involving a string in her intestine. (Please please please do not let your pets play/eat strings.) Our heartache over her loss was severe, she was so young.

Max’s personality as alpha male radiated from his regal posture and dramatic size. He often enjoyed outsmarting games and toys. He enjoyed cuddling and rubbing against shoes until the end. That’s what is under him in the above picture. He found his way to Matt’s shoes in the hallway and the sun kissed him for a picture.

Maximus lived up to his name. He weighed in at 18 lbs during his last vet visit. Click on his picture above to go to Flickr where I’ve uploaded a couple other pictures of him. He was large and VERY intelligent feline who touched our hearts and became a member of our family. His life was short but hopefully he knew how much he meant to all of us.

Rest in peace Maximus.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Take care and be well.

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Stay tuned for more products and designs. Always feel free to make suggests or requests!

I plan on diving back into the blog world soon, I have much to share.
Take care and be well.