This has been a question plaguing the intellectual world for centuries…or at least that’s the stance I’m taking.

Doodle time is rare on work days but yesterday I took out my 3×5 inch sketchbook and my black Vision Elite micro and drew the entire ride to work. Don’t worry, Matt was driving.


Click to go to flickr - more sizes and notes available.

I’d like to introduce “Super Broom and his sidekick Dustpan Steve.” They are up there with Ninja Bean for potential comic doodles. The other two I really like are the Cat Poop and Dog Poop drawings. Everyone who has pets knows a major part of life with them is poop.

Today, I grabbed my new twist crayons and drew during the ride to work again. My coworker suggested I call the forbidden love between the dog and cat “fecal love” LOL


Poopy Love? ;)

So what do you say? Can poo be cute?

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Take care and be well.