This weekend was filled. I spent time in the garden, at the dog park, cleaning, walking, playing with Iggy in the yard, drawing, and watching tele. I even managed a nap Saturday evening.

My father teaches cartooning classes at the public museum every year. I can’t recall when he started so I must have been pretty young. Today the museum had a “Sunday Fundays” event called “Celebrate Japan.” My father had three tables dedicated to Anime and Manga art. My nephew and I both came along to help out any way we could. After set up we both pretty much just sat and drew. Dad finished four drawings for the raffle. Four different children won Bob Anderson originals. I love my family and spending the afternoon with Dad and Mykel was great. I really needed it.

Sunday Fundays "Celebrate Japan"

My nephew and my father.

Two tables were covered with a plethora of manga and anime books, magazines and posters. There was a movie playing on the tele in the corner. Dad had lots of information on both anime and manga printed out and displayed around the tables for people to read. He had two different handouts people could take about cartooning using basic shapes. Dad sat right in the center of the main table and worked on inking and coloring the four raffle prizes. Two of “Sailor Moon” and “Dragon Ball Z.” It was a lot of fun and I think the families who came through enjoyed it too.

Dad's raffle prizes

This morning I began doodling with my trusty Sharpie and Crayola markers. I also had my retractable Pentel and Bic Mark-It in my arsenal.

I can hear my BIC and Pentel saying "Sharpie, Sharpie, Sharpie"

The resulting doodles are bright and fun. I’m in love with the “Critter Cubes” and will probably introduce them at my Zazzle shop before too long.


Started Sunday morning, finished Sunday afternoon.

A boy mentioned loving ninjas so I had to give Ninja Bean a go. Some day I will try a comic strip with him. I’m not sure but I might like Cube Ninja better.

Ninja Bean

Cube Critters

I'm in love with Cube Bunny.

Cube Critters

Hello Kitty has nothing on Cube Kitty!

So what are your thoughts? Love ’em or leave ’em? Would you or could you see these on buttons and stickers?


Wednesday I grabbed my click eraser and Apex pencil and accompanied Matt to the dentist. I haven’t been doing detailed or shaded drawings lately so I wanted to see if I still could. This sketch book’s paper isn’t the best but I’m happy I haven’t completely lost my touch.


After the dentist, we stopped at Office Max. Yep, I ended up bringing home reinforcements for my arsenal. Retractable Uniball Jetstreams were on clearance for 80 cents – who could resist that? I also grabbed a fine Uniball Vision needle in green and a TUL permanent marker.

Tul, Uniball Vision Needle Green, Blue, Jetstreams

Sunny Nap

Fresh air leads to Iggy Pup naps.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Take care and be well.