Its been crazy busy here but I wanted to get a blog post up.

I’ve been journaling on and off for as long as I can remember. Matt and I watched 1,000 Journals over the weekend. What a marvelous idea! Someguy sent out 1,000 blank journals into the world. The results were beyond inspiring. I got to thinking about my journals. I struggle to finish them and I think I know why. I try too hard to play by some unwritten laws. I buy a great book that I like and then I write neatly in between the lines. I have broken out of my norm by doodling in my journal this year which was a great step. But then I see journals like Paper Relics and I see how free one can be!

Matt and I went out to lunch on Sunday and I took out my journal and our recent issue from work and went at it. I used my sparkly gel burst pens and my new Stabilo Point 88s. It felt good to just go crazy. I know its not very organized or balanced but I had to explode onto the page to get my bearings in this new adventure.

Journal Pages

Monday I loaded my Parker 21 and my Parker 45… so the journal page was just boring writing between the lines. But look at the pretty ink colors! Levenger Claret and J Herbin Orange Indien.

My first two bottles of fountain pen ink are now in use!

Tuesday was a LONG day at work. Yes you read the journal page watch face correctly – 7:20am to 11:06pm. I like this page – I broke all the “rules” I’ve followed for so long and enjoyed every minute of it. I even glued in Wendy from Matt’s chicken sandwich rapper. muwahahhahaha take that!

Journal Pages

I don’t want things to perfect. I’d rather spend the little time I have doing rather than planning, measuring, laying out and all that jazz. I know – it looks like it, right? But that’s my point! Go ahead – give it a whirl, you may set yourself free too.

Today’s page isn’t done yet but I wanted to share it. I love that I can use anything to create visual interest. I bought a 10 pack of fancy scissors today and grabbed some junk mail. What a great way to recycle! We had lunch at IHOP – strawberry festival is going on! Nomnom.

Journal Pages

My gardens are moving along with out me. I did do some watering but I need to get some transplanting and more weeding done one of these days. I love the variety of flowers I have here.



I’ll leave you with a photo of Ripley’s tank. I’ve been trying to offer him a large variety of things for playing, climbing and chewing. He’s been in the 20 gallon long tank for awhile now and I don’t think I’ll be switching him back. I love having all the room to fill for him.