I have never had my hair permanently dyed before. Well – before today that is.

After more than twelve hours at work, I decided to document my hair for posterity. Maybe I should have looked in a mirror before that decision. Here are two pictures showing my hair last night.

before hair

I received seven foil highlights. The color is a bleached version of my natural shade. The foils were placed beneath a twist of my natural color hair to help camouflage them and keep my roots from screaming “halo head!” when my hair grows.




I had considered going blue or pink or bright red but profession related issues kept me from taking that permanent step. The great news: there are some “one wash” type colorings that will allow me to go crazy for a weekend if I so desire. Heck maybe I’ll go orange one of these days if I don’t have anything on my schedule. I just have to color over the light highlights and POOF crazy bright fun hair!

I ‘accidentally’ grabbed some artsty-craftsty stuff at Walmart today while picking up some feline food. All these goodies came home with me and wanted their pictures taken right away.


My recent journaling freedom has opened the door to new ideas. My arsenal felt lacking. It needed some more glitter, right? I’ve used glitter glue before. It’s marvelous for paper crafts like cards, wrapping paper, and bookmarks. It also comes in handy around the holidays. I decorated some plain colored christmas ornament balls with swirls and dots with great results.

Speaking of crafty and artsy goodness, Sunday morning was really fun for me. I popped in “Kingpin” and started punching tiny squares of construction paper.


“Jaws” was next in line as my mosaic madness began to take shape…


If you are Twitter-ing fool, then you probably know what goodness resulted from my glue-stick happy morning. But for those of you who don’t know what to expect – I proudly present the Mosaic Mario Mushroom of ubernes!


I translated a picture off of a Google image search right into the mosaic. It was odd to translate a solid picture into a mosaic but I caught on pretty quick. Now I could use this for a crochet pattern if I desire or if I ever learn to cross stitch, I think it’s based on graphs too.

One last thing before I close out for the night. My Lavinia was caught napping on the dog bed. I think her attitude said it all. “Okay – his stuff can stay BUT that dog still has to go!”

Busted! Lavinia on the dog bed.

Take care and be well.