I sincerely apologize for my absence. Life has been keeping me on my toes.

Journaling has been pretty consistent. I try to do something every day regardless of how ridiculous or minor it seems. Some days its just a pen doodle and other days I grab what’s nearby and let everything ride.

Here is a glimpse to the recent results of my mental unloading via 2 dimensional means.

Both of these characters are done with Rose Art colored pencils.
Journal Page - Tall man with yoyo

journal page - help

Lately I have been visiting a lot of very beautiful blogs. So many ooze “pretty” like an overstuffed jelly doughnut. I never consider myself a girlie girl since I abhor dressing up and wear the same Vans every day. Last weekend I felt the need for pink and to girlie girl my journal.

Yes, I get girlie now and again

Do you ever walk past those machines in the entries to grocery stores and frantically dig out quarters to quench your thirst for tiny plastic toys? I do.

Teeny Tinies

I purchased gel medium and finally gave transfers a try. Here is my very first collage using watercolor, transfers and vintage book pages. (By vintage I mean – thrift find book held together with duct tape).

Collage 1

My gardens are growing and new flowers are blooming. Today I found the first coreopsis of the year opened along with my orange lilies. My goal for the corner shown in this picture is nearly achieved. I mimicked a section of my mum’s garden which I totally adored. I’m loving the sedum spilling over the brick edging. Our cottage house fits the clean lines of the edging I picked but the blurring of lines with the garden inhabitants is what I envisioned. It’s perfect.

My garden

I go through bad times like the next person but I can swept away down the negativity stream so easily. I try so hard to find beauty in things around me. Here is a snap shot of my Staedtler fineliners. Sometimes bright colors can work wonders.

Beauty in color

Take care and be well.