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another week ending? already? Jiminy crickets!

This week went by so quickly, I am having trouble discerning one day from the other. I guess this post will be one giant amorphous blob of my week’s events.

Shall we start with my pants?

my new pants

No seriously. I found the best pants at Goodwill a few months back and misplaced them in the mess otherwise known as the bedroom. Wednesday can only be described as a cleaning marathon of insanity. The bedroom now resembles a sanctuary of sleep and not a back room storage facility. I love it! The highlight of the day was unearthing these kickin’ pants. They are khaki with dark brown embroidery in vertical lines. They are so comfy and I think they look nice on my new figure. I wish I hadn’t misplaced them in the first place. Definitely looking forward to donning my Hulk tshirt with these bad boys this week.

journal page

This journal page amuses me. I like my blob monsters a lot. See the monster is mad that his flower is wilting (because it never rains anymore), then he gets a brilliant idea about watering the flower to revive it but before he can act – an evil blue bird gnashes the flower and flies away. The end. And I really did take ballet as a kid. I was double jointed so all the positions were fun for me. I didn’t take it for very long and can only recall one pink tutu performance. Did I ever show you my Revenge of the Pinto Bean sketches? I have the story line started and I’m hoping to work on it this week. I wish I had more time to draw than just during car rides. The roads are just too bumpy!

big cup nom!

Friday was a deadline day. Deadline days are deadly and can only be survived by using my super hero mutant power – eating chocolate! Alright it isn’t really a mutant super hero power… but seriously – have you seen Reese’s Big Cups? They are very delicious and helped me endure my Friday at work.

my friday loves

Jerry often visits the Dollar Tree during lunch breaks and occasionally finds things that will inevitably keep me amused for days, weeks and possibly months. This week I was given a wind-up panda pencil sharpener! I don’t use pencils at work very often and mine is mechanical but seriously – its a panda pencil sharpener than walks! There is something very fun about the wind-up walk and that noise brings me back to my childhood. I used my black Sharpie pen all day on Friday and it had to get in on the arsenal photo.

crap load?

Saturday was filled to the brim with tasks and errands, chores and events. I snapped a shot of this truck in hopes that I can enter into the dictionary as a definition for the term “crap load”. The attached sentence would be something to this effect: “Alas, look at that crap load!” It is apparent that our local economy is suffering. I see more trucks filled to the brim of safety than ever before. My guess is that everyone is trying to make ends meet. I hope things improve soon.

post office ala kenosha

I sent a package out to Wales, UK. That required a visit to the local post office. I love the old architecture. My father worked at the high school across the street. The museum and court house also share the same neighborhood and style. It so classic and familiar. I can remember sitting in the back office while visiting my Dad at work, kneeling on the retro green couch and gazing out the window at the park in the center of all these colossal buildings. I miss spending days at work with my father – but I’m pretty sure he is enjoying his retirement.

what is on my tv tray

I use a TV tray as my center of operations in the living room. It isn’t the most efficient or comfortable option but it’s handy and I can move it out of the way. Some day I will have a space of my own in the extra bedroom turned studio. For now this will do. I received two uber books for my birthday from Matt. The Street Sketchbook is instant inspiration for me. Glimpses into artists’ sketchbooks are beyond captivating. The other is Basic Crochet Stitches. I cannot wait to start my crochet gifts for the holiday gift season. This book should keep me entertained.

old meets new

Last night Matt took Iggy Pup and me to the local drive-in movie theatre. We saw Harry Potter 6 and Orphan[<= liked very much] from his Eclipse. Today we enjoyed some time at my parent's. I think it's amusing that Mum n Dad still have our old rotary phone on the wall. Matt brought his MacBook and the juxtaposition of technology amused me so I snapped a photo. The rotary phone still is functional but everyone uses the cordless phone on the counter. Gotta love it.

Another week is about to begin. I'm buckling my seat belt – I hear August isn't too far off. Take care and be well.

Second half is planted!

I had my free birthday vaca day on Friday. I planted the second half of the front garden. Better late than never, right? I still have more annuals in need of some real dirt lovin’ but that will have to wait until later this week.

New Fleece Toy for Iggy Pup

After lunch on Friday, I grabbed my poor neglected new-to-me sewing machine and made Iggy Pup a new toy. I snuck in the “growling” mechanism from his dino toy that he mutilated & destroyed long ago. I even found out how the zig-zag stitch works! But beyond the successful sewing adventure, Iggy Pup has a new toy that he really enjoys playing and wrestling with.

New Fleece Toy for Iggy Pup

New Fleece Toy for Iggy Pup

This morning I played doctor and stitched up all of Iggy’s wounded stuffies and squeakies. I piled up all his toys and after he got up he grabbed the one I made first. I’m very proud of my fleece creation.

More Doodles

Matt and I visited my folks today and enjoyed a couple games of Scrabble. I somehow managed to win both games. I had my Staedtler fineliners and planner with me and I doodled. Yes that is a scared pickle. You love him, don’t you?

More Doodles

More Doodles

Here are two other doodle pages – these located in my journal. Something about doodling that just alleviates pressures and frustrations. I wish I had more time in the day to doodle.

the elusive koala

My obsession with this series of teeny plastic toys continues. Behold, the elusive koala. I would have loved any color but purple is pretty kicking, no? I refuse to say how much I’ve spent on these lil toys. In fact I won’t even divulge this information to myself.

New Products at Zazzle!

I have added more creations to my Zazzle shop. Please swing over to the shop and poke around. All the designs are customizable. There are many styles of tshirts and different shapes and sizes of buttons and stickers. I believe you can add text to the designs as well. Zazzle is pretty darned awesome. I’m really glad I joined.

This weekend has gone so fast. I hope you all had a good one. Take care and be well.

Matt Asked… I said YES!!!!

Originally uploaded by DIY Sara

I am officially engaged to Matt! It’s still sinking in but I predict a lot of planning in my future…

Stay tuned. I’m planning on taking you with me on this new adventure :)

Take care and be well. ♥

July 12, 1979 was the start of my life as an individual. I hope to have many more years in my future. Part of me feels that I’ve failed myself. At such a young age I formulated certain plans and haven’t reached several of those goals. But on the other hand, I am still growing and exploring. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

I began this blog in March of 2007. Can you believe that its already July of 2009?! Where has the time gone… and how did I suddenly become 30 years old?

Back in 2007, I created a page that tells a little bit about myself. I reread it today and realized how much time has passed. I hope to accomplish a few things in the next year and I’m going to try to use this blog as a constant reminder that I need to keep focused.

I really want to get myself deeper into my art. Ideally a gallery show will occur but I’m not sure that is likely. I’ve heard that a local art store (with upstairs gallery) does a call for artists now and again. That will be my first path of possibility.

Next on my list of “self-improvement” is to read more. I read a lot of blogs but rarely find myself with a book in hand anymore. It makes me sad. I’ve been reading my current library selection for over two months.

I need to stop wasting time. I know I should turn the tele off more often and will have to make a more conscious effort. I need to break my current habit of just sitting and pondering what I should be doing. I also get lost at my computer. I need to keep tabs on how much time I’m letting slip past.

Organize, organize, organize! Maybe I should get this tattooed on my forehead or start chanting it as my daily mantra. Somewhere in the past months I have become completely unraveled. My planner is with me but isn’t helping any more. Bills are paid later than I care for, late fees at the library embarrass this librarian’s daughter, feeling like I’m forgetting things is really taking a toll. I picked up some 5 by 8 inch grid index cards from Office Depot for just 53 cents each pack today. Maybe I’ll use them. Maybe I’ll use one of the million notebooks I have acquired to go with my gazillion pens.

Here is a glimpse at my “currents”.

Currently Reading:
When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris

Current WIPs:
My ripple zig zag afghan in sunshine yellow and sky blue.
The tree drawing from my last post is in the same unfinished state that the photo depicts.
My crochet monkey is just a head and two rows of a neck.
A color pencil drawing I’m including with a package.

Current Pens:
Black Uniball Signo 0.7mm – pink awareness edition body.
Rotring Core with Private Reserve Supershow Blue.

Projects I’m mulling over:
More collages
Mini book (about 4 by 6 inches) held together with binder rings
Watercolor/Gouache painting to replicate one I dreamt about.

So much I want to do and so few hours in the day.

Thank you for visiting. Take care and be well.

I haven’t mentioned what I’ve been working with lately in terms of pens and related goodies. Of course I’m still browsing office supplies and finding resistance futile. Would you expect anything less from me?

What does a girl buy herself for a birthday present? I bet your answer is something like “It depends on the girl.” Well this girl bought herself a shiny new fountain pen to honor the big 3-0! It arrived early so don’t start singing to me yet… I’ll let you know when the party can begin. (wink)

If any of you are on Twitter and haven’t discovered the growing community of pen and paper addicts, I suggest you get on over there and create an account. (Follow me and say “Hi” too!) Well someone mentioned a sale at Swisher Pens and I just happened to see a really fancy schmancy fountain pen with a fine nib and converter originally marked $25 on sale for $9.99. My spidey sense tingled and I did the “I really don’t need another pen” squirm. But my birthday is quickly approaching and it is a great deal and I have bottles of ink that I need to use up and … well, you get the picture.

Introducing my newest love: the Rotring Lysium Core.

core vs bic

Lets start with the body design, shall we? I decided that a side-by-side with the most commonly found ballpoint might be the most useful for viewers. Here is the Core sitting next to a BIC ballpoint. The body is chunky but not much longer than the BIC.

The grip area is contoured and inset on one side but rounded and ridged on the other half. It’s difficult to explain but I think the pictures will help clarify. I was a bit worried since I had read a few reviews that wrote off the pen entirely because of this design feature. Luckily I find the pen comfortable and my writing style works well with the shape.

The pen is just plain attractive. The aluminum body has pink accents that say “Turn This Way,” “Write On System,” “Force Resource” and “Core.” They aren’t over powering and I had to squint to read them clearly. Its subtle and stylish- not distracting. The pen has one red ring where the two halves meet. There are also four inset windows for ink level visibility. Overall the aesthetics of this pen are very pleasing to me.

The stainless steel fine nib is marked “XS” and is advertised as fine and fine is exactly what it is. I love it. It is a smooth experience and lays down consistent line of ink. I have it loaded with a cartridge of Private Reserve “Supershow Blue.” It takes a little bit to get it writing if I keep the cap off for a short time but I think that could be ink related?

This writing sample is characteristic of all the jotting and marking I’ve done with it since Thursday morning. The nib is smooth and lays down an even line of ink without any skips or blobbing. It is a joy to write with.

The one feature of this pen which I’m uncertain about is the cap. Its large and funky and I love the design of it. The only problem is its weight. The cap clips solidly into place on both ends but it does throw the balance of the pen off a bit. I write with the cap off at work. I’m really not worried about misplacing the cap due to its size and I don’t leave the pen uncapped for long periods of time due to the start-up factor. It isn’t a deal breaker for me. I might get used to it or I may just not post the cap…

The clip is metal and stylish. I like how it looks clipped to my compact circa planner. Isn’t it schnazzy?

The last thing I wanted to show was the groovy internal workings of the pen. There are two small orange “tabs” that move with the insertion of the cartridges. The cartridge just slid in and I pressed it into place and the orange tabs moved toward the nib. Removing the cartridge causes them to move in the opposite direction. I like the feature even if I don’t fully understand its function. And anything orange is great, no?

I have a fountain pen cartridge question. The small plastic piece that is pushed into the cartridge when you load it is inside the cartridge. Can this small piece of plastic stop ink from flowing out of the cartridge?

My latest drawing WIP

Lastly I wanted to leave you with a “teaser” of sorts. This is a drawing I’m working on of trees. You’ll notice a couple of my other new arsenal additions: a Uniball Kuru Toga 0.5mm pencil and a Mega Recycled Newsprint pencil. Stay tuned for a closer look at these.


What better way to close this than with a shot of a Gaillardia flower from my garden. Take care and be well.

Weekends go too fast, don’t they?

I battled the swarms of mosquitoes and got some of the gardens watered. I still have half of the front garden to plant with annuals and the small area around the mailbox. I hope the weather cooperates this week and I can get that done. Here are a few shots of the flowers brightening our yard and a couple from my Mum’s.

Raspberry Swirl Petunia Daisy
poppy miniature rose

Breakfast this morning was pretty colorful and I grabbed my camera. Yes, those are Lucky Charms floating in my bowl. Nom nom. I love the mutated conjoined orange star in my spoon.

Lucky charms

After breakfast, Toby wanted to play. Toby always wants to play. I use chenille stems aka pipe cleaners to make my own inexpensive cat toys. If you do want to make your own – be sure to bend the ends over so your kitty doesn’t get poked. I tend to check the toys over and make sure the ends stay folded over. I think he enjoyed the play session.

Toby's new toy

Oliver enjoyed the beautiful summer weather by napping near the open window. He is such a little prince. (I have plans to make new curtains. He doesn’t seem to mind though). He has been doing better. His next blood test is next Wednesday. Cross your fingers our recent problems are not related to kidney disease which the vet said it *could* be.


Matt and I took Iggy Pup to the Independence Day parade. I must say Batman and the really depressed looking Elmo were my favorite parts. Iggy got bored and ended up napping under the chair of the guy sitting to our right. Don’t worry, we made it up to him with a cookie and a trip to the dog park. He’s sawing logs over on his doggy bed as I type. We have one tuckered lil pup on our hands tonight.

4th Parade

4th Parade

Is it over yet?

Have I mention my unhealthy desire to own small plastic toys from the grocery store lobby machines? I can’t stop my quarters from jumping into one particular machine. Here’s the most recent family photo of the critters on top of my work computer.


Since I’m on the topic of work, I documented what happened to a daisy at work. Yes, daisies are not fit for employment. So much for my idea to hire my millions as assistants this week. I guess I’ll be doing the three publications myself…again.

Daisy Before Daisy After

I did get a chance to get a little creative this weekend. Matt is a member of the 1001 Journals project and he received a work related journal to fill. I had fun adding some glitter glue to finish it off. What do you think?

1001 journals

My glitter glue was nearby and my journal was open… You had to see this coming.

Glitter glue!

I hope you enjoyed a photo account of my day. Take care and be well.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

July 4th

This year Matt and I didn’t bring the cameras, just a few blankets. Matt made some PB&J sandwiches and we brought a bag of pretzels. It was nice to just sit and watch, not worrying about adjusting settings and the tripod. I even snuck in a very short nap before the fun began.

I hope you are well.
Take care.

You may have asked yourself, what does Sara look at all the time? or you may not have and this post will just be another addition to the giant list of rambling posts you read to pass time.

I use Google Reader as my RSS feeder. I enjoy using the RSS reader since I enjoy so many different types of blogs and websites and rarely have enough time to visit each one in a day. Also, I find myself unable to relocate projects, templates, giveaways, freebies, ideas, artworks, etc etc again after the initial visit. Google Reader allows me to slack off on days when I’m busy and catch up on days I have time.

Here comes the fun~!
Are these awesome or what:

  • I’m always curious about what’s going on over at Doodlers Anonymous. Fun peaks into sketchbooks and other related posts about the artists and artworks.
  • Have you been bitten by the creative artsy-fartsy crafty bug yet? No? Stop over at Craft and I bet it won’t be long before you dive into a new project.
  • One of the reasons I am dying to learn to sew well and quilt is Comfortstitching. She is amazing. Her blog is so colorful and beautiful just like her quilts.
  • I just added Unconsumptiontonight. I am very sure I will be digging around more soon.
  • Are you loving paper goods? Cards, stationery, journals, letterpress goodies and more can be found and drooled at over at Crow and Canary.
  • I love losing track of time browsing at Design*Sponge. Prepare yourself for a showcase of many delectable examples.
  • Ever heard of letterpress? Enjoy It will get you acquainted with Elise Blaha and her love of letterpress and small books. I love both and her approach at it all.
  • Unclutterer gives me hope. I just need the motivation and time now. :wink: The Unitasker Wednesdays crack me up sometimes.

This is obviously only a tiny schampling of everything that sucks my free time away faster than I can drain a strawberry shake. I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what amuses me and maybe have acquired a new addition for your RSS reader.

Take care and be well.

Sometimes things get away from me. I lose track of time and soon find that an entire month has snuck past. I really wish June took a little longer so I could get more of things done that I had planned. Too bad there aren’t “Do Overs” in the adult world. Can you imagine how useful something like that would be?

I want to mention a new blog that I have added to my Google Reader. Its called “Sew I Do” and there is a great giveaway going on right now for a reversible tote bag. Click here for more information. The deadline is July 4th so be sure to swing by before then.

I find myself spending more and more time looking through creative and gorgeous blogs. People are so innately creative and amazing. I want to learn to sew and embroider. Quilting tantalizes my senses and makes my fingers tingle. If only I could make something so beautiful. I dive into Etsy shops and dream of creating printed or stamped cards and stationery, even silk-screened totes and tshirts. Perhaps I need to spend less time online and more time in the real world trying to learn these arts. The best thing about all the online viewing is inspiration. I have quite the surplus of places to turn to via Google Reader if my inspiration gauge runs down to empty.

Father’s Day has past but I wanted to share the gel medium transfer I used on my Daddy’s card. (Yes, I am a nearly 30 year old woman who uses the term Daddy.) The process is easy and the results are wonderful.

Father's Day Card

Matt’s cousin invited us to his wedding in Goshen, Indiana. This may come as a surprise to some but probably not to most – I do not dress up often. I’m a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. I wear the same Vans most days. This wedding meant I had to get all dolled up. I tried on every skirt and dress in my closet (which is not very many) and decided on an outfit. I had sandals that went well from the last wedding I attended some 5 years ago or more. The only missing item to my ensemble was a purse.

Monday after work I bought some of Vanna’s Choice yarn in Purple Mist which matched the paisley areas of my skirt. I did some digging online and settled on the Masa Bag pattern. Then began the crochet marathon. I had to work on Wednesday – my usual day off – so that lead to finishing the bag Thursday night around midnight. But I did it~! Before work on Wednesday, I found the cutest earrings for 25% off at the thrift shop across the street from work. They were only marked $1.99 but on sale is even better. I think the silver decoration adds a lot to the purse, don’t you?

My Masa Bag


Here is a shot of me all dressed up. I even painted my finger and toe nails to match my outfit and sported a Hello Kitty bandage.


Matt and I brought Iggy Pup on the adventure to Indiana. I think he enjoyed himself.

Road Trip with Iggy Pup

At work the other day I made this Pretty Pretty Princess License and hung it on the wall next to my desk. Nothing says power like a hand-made ultimate princess license!


The real world is calling… take care and be well.