Weekends go too fast, don’t they?

I battled the swarms of mosquitoes and got some of the gardens watered. I still have half of the front garden to plant with annuals and the small area around the mailbox. I hope the weather cooperates this week and I can get that done. Here are a few shots of the flowers brightening our yard and a couple from my Mum’s.

Raspberry Swirl Petunia Daisy
poppy miniature rose

Breakfast this morning was pretty colorful and I grabbed my camera. Yes, those are Lucky Charms floating in my bowl. Nom nom. I love the mutated conjoined orange star in my spoon.

Lucky charms

After breakfast, Toby wanted to play. Toby always wants to play. I use chenille stems aka pipe cleaners to make my own inexpensive cat toys. If you do want to make your own – be sure to bend the ends over so your kitty doesn’t get poked. I tend to check the toys over and make sure the ends stay folded over. I think he enjoyed the play session.

Toby's new toy

Oliver enjoyed the beautiful summer weather by napping near the open window. He is such a little prince. (I have plans to make new curtains. He doesn’t seem to mind though). He has been doing better. His next blood test is next Wednesday. Cross your fingers our recent problems are not related to kidney disease which the vet said it *could* be.


Matt and I took Iggy Pup to the Independence Day parade. I must say Batman and the really depressed looking Elmo were my favorite parts. Iggy got bored and ended up napping under the chair of the guy sitting to our right. Don’t worry, we made it up to him with a cookie and a trip to the dog park. He’s sawing logs over on his doggy bed as I type. We have one tuckered lil pup on our hands tonight.

4th Parade

4th Parade

Is it over yet?

Have I mention my unhealthy desire to own small plastic toys from the grocery store lobby machines? I can’t stop my quarters from jumping into one particular machine. Here’s the most recent family photo of the critters on top of my work computer.


Since I’m on the topic of work, I documented what happened to a daisy at work. Yes, daisies are not fit for employment. So much for my idea to hire my millions as assistants this week. I guess I’ll be doing the three publications myself…again.

Daisy Before Daisy After

I did get a chance to get a little creative this weekend. Matt is a member of the 1001 Journals project and he received a work related journal to fill. I had fun adding some glitter glue to finish it off. What do you think?

1001 journals

My glitter glue was nearby and my journal was open… You had to see this coming.

Glitter glue!

I hope you enjoyed a photo account of my day. Take care and be well.