another week ending? already? Jiminy crickets!

This week went by so quickly, I am having trouble discerning one day from the other. I guess this post will be one giant amorphous blob of my week’s events.

Shall we start with my pants?

my new pants

No seriously. I found the best pants at Goodwill a few months back and misplaced them in the mess otherwise known as the bedroom. Wednesday can only be described as a cleaning marathon of insanity. The bedroom now resembles a sanctuary of sleep and not a back room storage facility. I love it! The highlight of the day was unearthing these kickin’ pants. They are khaki with dark brown embroidery in vertical lines. They are so comfy and I think they look nice on my new figure. I wish I hadn’t misplaced them in the first place. Definitely looking forward to donning my Hulk tshirt with these bad boys this week.

journal page

This journal page amuses me. I like my blob monsters a lot. See the monster is mad that his flower is wilting (because it never rains anymore), then he gets a brilliant idea about watering the flower to revive it but before he can act – an evil blue bird gnashes the flower and flies away. The end. And I really did take ballet as a kid. I was double jointed so all the positions were fun for me. I didn’t take it for very long and can only recall one pink tutu performance. Did I ever show you my Revenge of the Pinto Bean sketches? I have the story line started and I’m hoping to work on it this week. I wish I had more time to draw than just during car rides. The roads are just too bumpy!

big cup nom!

Friday was a deadline day. Deadline days are deadly and can only be survived by using my super hero mutant power – eating chocolate! Alright it isn’t really a mutant super hero power… but seriously – have you seen Reese’s Big Cups? They are very delicious and helped me endure my Friday at work.

my friday loves

Jerry often visits the Dollar Tree during lunch breaks and occasionally finds things that will inevitably keep me amused for days, weeks and possibly months. This week I was given a wind-up panda pencil sharpener! I don’t use pencils at work very often and mine is mechanical but seriously – its a panda pencil sharpener than walks! There is something very fun about the wind-up walk and that noise brings me back to my childhood. I used my black Sharpie pen all day on Friday and it had to get in on the arsenal photo.

crap load?

Saturday was filled to the brim with tasks and errands, chores and events. I snapped a shot of this truck in hopes that I can enter into the dictionary as a definition for the term “crap load”. The attached sentence would be something to this effect: “Alas, look at that crap load!” It is apparent that our local economy is suffering. I see more trucks filled to the brim of safety than ever before. My guess is that everyone is trying to make ends meet. I hope things improve soon.

post office ala kenosha

I sent a package out to Wales, UK. That required a visit to the local post office. I love the old architecture. My father worked at the high school across the street. The museum and court house also share the same neighborhood and style. It so classic and familiar. I can remember sitting in the back office while visiting my Dad at work, kneeling on the retro green couch and gazing out the window at the park in the center of all these colossal buildings. I miss spending days at work with my father – but I’m pretty sure he is enjoying his retirement.

what is on my tv tray

I use a TV tray as my center of operations in the living room. It isn’t the most efficient or comfortable option but it’s handy and I can move it out of the way. Some day I will have a space of my own in the extra bedroom turned studio. For now this will do. I received two uber books for my birthday from Matt. The Street Sketchbook is instant inspiration for me. Glimpses into artists’ sketchbooks are beyond captivating. The other is Basic Crochet Stitches. I cannot wait to start my crochet gifts for the holiday gift season. This book should keep me entertained.

old meets new

Last night Matt took Iggy Pup and me to the local drive-in movie theatre. We saw Harry Potter 6 and Orphan[<= liked very much] from his Eclipse. Today we enjoyed some time at my parent's. I think it's amusing that Mum n Dad still have our old rotary phone on the wall. Matt brought his MacBook and the juxtaposition of technology amused me so I snapped a photo. The rotary phone still is functional but everyone uses the cordless phone on the counter. Gotta love it.

Another week is about to begin. I'm buckling my seat belt – I hear August isn't too far off. Take care and be well.