I know I recently had a hair adventure and shared the “highlights” (hehe). Last night after work and walking Iggy Pup, Matt took me to get my just-shy-of-chin-length locks chopped off. Yep, my short hair got shorter!

new hair cut!

Nothing says summer like short hair – well, for me at least. I used to look forward to summer – I’d get my hair chopped off and swim the days away. Now I work all the time and on my days off I try to catch up on chores and errands. Okay, that was a bit pessimistic.

Double Balloon Flower

My gardens are doing well. My mother gave me blue balloon flowers. Last year I recall having a couple double blooms. This year it appears that the doubles have taken over. Believe me – I am *NOT* complaining.

doodle on place mat


Been trying to doodle when I have the opportunity. I don’t often get the opportunity to doodle on place mats these days so when I got the chance, I really enjoyed it. I may work on an evil panda drawing one of these days.

car's milestone

We took Iggy Pup to the dog park on Sunday. My car hit the big 20,000 on the way home. It’s a 2004 – can you believe it? I guess I don’t drive enough.

After the dog park

Iggy was less than impressed with the great vehicular milestone. At least he got to have fun running around and playing with the other dogs at the park. Poor pup has a rough life.

crap ton pt II

If the last overflowing truck was a manifestation of the word “crap load’ then Matt and I encountered a truck carrying what can only be described as a “crap ton” of stuff. Look at those mattresses! Is that even safe? The best part was the lack of license plate and horrible cloud of rancid exhaust that followed it down the road.


Ripley and I enjoy cuddle sessions. He will sit still as long as I rub his cheeks. I love how he tilts his head in for better cheek rubs. Can anyone resist his smooshy lil fuzzy face? For being so tiny, he sure has a large place in my heart.

If you haven’t stopped over at at the DIYSara Zazzle shop, you may be interested. I’ve put up some new items… Hope you like them!

That pretty summarizes where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to lately. Take care and be well.