I’ve been asked what I carry around in my daily bag or “purse” if you prefer that term.

what's in my bag

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I carry WAY too many pens and markers. I’ve started using a make-up style pouch to hold them so I don’t have to unpack and refill my bag every time I search for THE one. The other pouch holds my Carmex lip balm, lip gloss, oil absorbent papers, nail file, contact drops, advil and other meds. My Circa/Rolla compact size planner is always with me. I’m getting myself back into the habit of writing everything down. Too many things nearly missed or late for my tastes. My journal is usually with me too. I like to doodle on the way to work. I’ve declared one glue stick for travel only so I never leave home without it. I try to keep clutter and receipts under control but you can see, there is usually some bits and pieces that manage to remain. The last thing I try to keep close at hand is my camera. Some days you will find a pack of colored pencils or a set of markers in my bag as well. Afterall, a girl always needs to be prepared.

Take care and be well.