I mentioned my favorite pants in a previous post. I only had a close up of the embroidery pattern in that post and thought I’d share a full shot. (yes, i am a big dork hehe)

THE pants

I can’t get over how comfortable these pants are. I wish I could have more pairs in different colors and wear them every day. Maybe Goodwill will have another pair when I drop in with my 10% off birthday coupon.

Saturday was a great day. My father, two nephews, Matt and I all ventured down to the Chicago Comic Con 2009.

Space Trooper!

Matt and I spent most of our time in the “Artist Alley”. Probably my favorite was meeting Jeffrey Brown. He did a great drawing in Matt’s Moleskine cahier and answered my gazillion questions. I hope to get a post up showing that awesome drawing and sharing some of the work that caught my eye.

After our day of comic goodness, I grabbed a pencil, eraser and pen out of my bag and came up with this creature.


I’m not sure if he is part duck and part “creature from the black lagoon” or “fish guy” like Matt called the scan file. Whatever he is, I like him. The stippling was inspired by Rich’s “Trinity Dots of Doom”. I haven’t stippled anything in the longest time. He’s inhabiting my 3×5 inch sketchbook.

mega bunny

Last is Mega Bunny. I drew him during our last trip to the laundry but just finished inking him last night. I like the line variation. Must be my new “thang”. He’s living in my 8.5×11 inch sketchbook.

I hope to push out another blog post sooner rather than later so keep your peepers peeled. Take care and be well. ♥