I’ve been a bad blogger again. Too long has passed in between posts and I regret to inform you that this post will be less than it should be. I wanted to sit down and type up the best post for you all but find myself feeling rather “blah” today.

Lamy Al-Star Graphite

I splurged on a Lamy Alstar via EBay. It has joined the ranks of my arsenal along with a bunch of the blue cartridges. I love this pen. I think. I mean I need to spend some serious time with it. My sporadic tendinitis makes it hard for me to judge new writing instruments some days. I’ll take another closer and more thoughtful look at it and write up a proper review in the future. Until the review, please enjoy the pen pr0n.

Lamy Medium Nib

It has a medium nib and is loaded with the Lamy blue ink. It did not come with a converter which I might rectify. At first I did not care for the Lamy blue ink but the more I look at it, the more I like it.

Esterbrook in Copper

Behold my very first Esterbrook. Isn’t it marvelous? I am so in love with the copper color. The sun really sets off the depth and rich tones. I cannot thank Mary enough for her generosity and kindness!

Journal Doodle

I haven’t done much art lately and it depresses me. This doodle may hold a clue as to why my creativity pools have run dry.

Sticky Note Doodle

Matt was on jury duty this past week only to discover Thursday that he wasn’t really on jury duty since he moved to a different county. We were only apart for a total of 3 hours but I didn’t know that when I doodled on this sticky note.

Journal Page

I am totally in love with Gemma Correll. She does amazing illustration art. I think her daily diary and “what i wore today” are tied for my favorite. I gave my hand at drawing my Saturday. Do you like it? I used my Staedtler Fineliners.



You may have noticed that I adore my pets. Sundays are tank cleaning days for Ripley. I promise he is a mouse – most people don’t believe it because of his texel (curly) coat and large size. I have so much fun filling his tank with goodies. The first tank shot is last Sunday’s arrangement followed by his setup for today.

Ripley likes cheerios

Ripley has a thing for Cheerios but then if you look at the tank picture from today, so does Toby. That’s his big kitty head stealing all of Ripley’s Cheerios. I guess if it is a treat for Ripley, it has to be a Toby treat too.

Pouty Face

I’m hoping that ending with a picture of Iggy Pup will make up for my absence. His pouty face destroys my defenses every time. Can you stand up to this face?

Take care and be well. ♥