I spotted Moleskines on sale at Barnes & Noble and spent a good long while picking up and examining many of the available options. The small versions are around three by five inches which would be a nice size to tuck in a back pocket or kangaroo pouch in my hoodie. In the end I walked away empty handed like so many times before. So much money for a tiny notebook. So much money for something that… I could DIY!

Mock-skine Cahier

The chilly weather led to the opening of a new thermal shirt this past week. The packaging included a piece of cardboard. I saved it like I save so many odds and ends that might come in handy. I chopped that piece of cardboard down and then opened my new ream of 22lb paper. I chopped that down.

Then came the great debate. Should I hand sew the binding like I have done for all my previously made books or should I give the sewing machine a try. Out came the sewing machine. I tried to adjust the stitch length to the longest but had some trouble keeping the stitches exactly in the center. I was thrilled that this ended up not mattering in the final cahier.

My Mock-Skine Cahier

Having the signature and cover piece in hand, I opted for the DIY easiest method. I have to admit by this time I was feeling a bit lazy and grabbed the closest bottle of Elmer’s school glue. (Yes, I have bottles of glue lying about the house.) I made sure to apply glue along the stitches to ensure nothing came unraveled and then pressed the signature into the cover. I folded that baby up and put it under my ginormous stack of library books to dry.

Moleskine Cahier ~vs~ Mock-skine Cahier

After some corner rounding and gentle spine manipulation, I admired my Mock-skine Cahier. Best part – it was made for just pennies and reused some packaging materials! The above pictures shows a large sized Moleskine Cahier (5.25 x 8.25 inches), a pocket sized cahier (3.5 x 5 inches) and then my slightly smaller Mock-skine. Not too shabby, eh?

My apologies go out to @michaelramm for not getting the bookmark included in this post. I promise it will be the next to appear here.

Take care and be well.