forgot how

Some days I feel like I’ve forgotten how to create. I buy all kinds of pens and art supplies but for what reason? If I can’t pick up a stick and scratch something into a dirt pile, what is the point?

jump rope girl

Other days, I get a tingle and something falls out of my pen. I call this one “Jump Rope Girl”… obvious eh?

I make an effort everyday to notice something that I might normally miss out on. How many times do you fail to SEE what is near you? Beauty is everywhere, you just need to be ready to take it in.


Once in awhile I get a good idea. Here is the long awaited story behind the bookmark. I must offer the disclaimer that this is neither very interesting nor worth the wait so I offer preemptive apologies too.

Once upon a time, I sent a package out to @michaelramm but as I was about to seal up the envelope – it hit me how lacking it was. I couldn’t send it before putting something else into that echoing chasm of envelope. A piece of drawn artwork was out of the question since nothing decent had fallen out of my pens in quite awhile. I ran through a mental list of possibilities.

I have a stash of dried Queen Anne’s Lace. I made a point of cutting some when were were out at the dog park. The flowers are gorgeous but dried, they take on a new life. They remind me of frozen fireworks, suspended in time and space. The color is muted and delicate much like the many vintage books that exist in my “cut up” piles. I also had a roll of packing tape handy since I wasn’t about to wait for glue to dry.

The end result was this bookmark which came to life very quickly and looked just how I had pictured it. Into the envelope it went and off to the post office I went. And we all lived busily ever after. (snickersnort)

Bookmark Front Bookmark Back

I slept much of this weekend away. I find myself exhausted and run-down but the naps have helped. Maybe I’m fighting off a germ or virus or maybe I’m adjusting to the shorter days and colder temperatures. Is it possible for a human to hibernate? Iggy Pup asked if we could this morning. I found it very difficult to say no.

"i dont wanna wake up"

Take care and be well.