This will be a two part blog post. Due to my elongated absence from posting, my plethora of abnormal tidbits to share is quite substantial. Lucky you!

Help Im In A Pickle

I began thinking about odd expressions in the American-English language. One I got hung up on was “in a pickle”. Such an odd saying since I can’t find any evidence of a person being within a pickle. I can safely tell you that no pickles were harmed in the making of this drawing (I couldn’t find one large enough).

new watercolor set

Matt and I have a knack for visiting art supplies stores when we are bored or have some spare pocket change. I brought home this set of watercolors from Michael’s. They were $4.99 and I had a 45% off coupon in my pocket. Love them! That robot’s arm is missing which explains his less than pleasant demeanor. Remember C3PO when he was disassembled? No robot enjoys missing limbs.

raking leaves

Autumn is an odd season for me. I love it on one hand but my allergies make me hate it and then there is raking leaves, and shorter days and lots of cloudy and rainy weather… Well, I tell people it is my favorite season so lets just go with that. Our raking adventure isn’t over yet – Saturday will be our final yard purge. I need to get the gardens ready for the winter and plant two more perennials that I’ve neglected thus far. Poor rakes, always being used and then put away in favor of snow shovels. I did discover that snow shovels make scooping up wet leaves much less messy on the hands than doing it the old fashioned way. Go me!

watercolor fun

Sunday I felt pretty much like the sock monster on the bottom of this page. But the sun was out so I gave her a pretty bow for her rays. Yes I am a dork. Are you just now noticing? By the way, the dates are wrong on this page and the last but have since been fixed.

Just a warning for chocolate lovers – the next photo is graphic.

chocolate abuse!

Yes. I encountered abused and neglected chocolate. That poor Hershey bar just wanted a chance to be loved and cherished and savored… poor poor chocolate.

Before I end this post, I owe you all a belated Happy Halloween. Iggy Pup was a pumpkin this year since I didn’t have time to alter his cowboy costume. Our lil Boston seems to have a very muscular physique and his chest was just too broad.

iggy pup in pumpkin costume

Take care and be well.