There is a song that contains the lyrics “I want to want wash my hair in snow” … that lady is CRA-ZY!

Snow is beautiful. It gets you out of school when you are a kid but for the most part it just means more work for adults. If I could sit back and enjoy it for its beauty and magic, it would be one thing. If I could bundle up in an adult sized snow suit with mittens hanging from strings and my ear flap hat and make snow angels and forts until my nose got numb, I’d love today. Unfortunatley with two deadlines looming – Matt and I had to get up early and get to work – Snow or no snow.

the way to work

The drive to work was slow going and we didn’t see any plows. I find this terribly amusing since the last “snow storm” we had, which turned out to be more of rain and slushy mess, precipitated dozens of plows on the roads. I have an image in my mind of snow plows sneaking from behind one tree quickly ducking behind another – waiting. Waiting for us to finish shoveling so they can come and fill in the driveway and corner. Its like a big challenge. If we finish before the plows go by we have more work to do but if we wait to shovel, the plows will not come down our street. Its a conspiracy, I assure you.


Work was work and I’ll spare you the dramatic nonsensical chaotic happenings. After work the roads weren’t as bad as they could have been. I think we dodged a bullet to be honest. Last winter we had a blizzard which resulted in Matt and I digging out the car multiple times with my car shovel (thanks mum & dad!) and pushing the car. Our road was blocked by 4 feet of snow at least and even the bus routes were a blooming mess. Tonight was pretty easy going and it was very beautiful despite the shoveling.

snowy silent street

Things have been busy here. At least in my mind. I have been thinking of doing a “365 day” project. Perhaps a photo or a drawing or a doodle or a short story with illustration or a combination of any or all of the above every day for the whole of 2010. Sadly I haven’t committed to anything and just have a bunch of photos but not one for every day since January 1st. That saddens me. Some day I want to make a decision, stick to it and run with it through the ribbon at the finish line.

I have started an art journal though. I’ve completed one page and started a second. Here are the pages:

First Page in my Art Journal

start of art journal page

Matt and I did a short drawing session at the Southwest library on Wednesday. I felt very awkward and am not sure I have what it takes to draw figures.

library drawing

Matt is uploading his daily sketches to his Flickr pool so be sure to drop by and show him some love =

I’ve been fascinated by photo manipulation lately. Imitation cross processing and retro-vintage looking shots are very “in”. I gave Picnik a look and came up with these two edited photos:


Iggy Pup

I hate to end this post since I haven’t blogged in so long. I hope you will forgive me but with a double deadline tomorrow, I need some rest.

Take care and be well.