My last post on January 7th was about the snow that fell on our small corner of the Earth. The following morning we awoke to more and all I could think was “Sara, you and your big mouth,” like I had challenged the snow gods to make up for the manageable amount that had fallen the day before. I’m not sure where I picked up that habit but I do it a lot. Any time something happens after I comment on the subject, I immediately place it on my list of whooopsies.

My Big Mouth 1/8/10

That was the last snow that has fallen in our area. But now because I’m typing this – I predict that we will get some very soon and my list of whooopsies will continue to grow.

Winter is a challenge for many of us. The shorter days and lack of sun can quickly lead to blue moods and a constant deficit of energy. In an attempt to keep my spirits up, I invested in more art supplies!

Daily Arsenal 1/16/10

Thirty new vibrant RoseArt markers to keep me happy and best of all they cost next to nothing! (My budget is on the side lines applauding loudly.) The markers alone are pretty and the rainbow colors can brighten the greyest of days but using them is what keeps me truly afloat. It doesn’t matter if I create a masterpiece or just outline a few letters, the point is I’m creating something. Here is a glimpse of the doodles that fell out of my markers while Matt, my parents and I were enjoying a game of Scrabble. (Somehow, I managed to win that game… I attribute it to the doodles).

Doodle Fun!

Some recent days have been harder than others. I can’t deny them because the struggles we face make us who we are.
[Edited to remove approximately 3 paragraphs.]
I’ve removed these words because it was more of journal selection than a blog entry. Not a bad thing by any means but I’ll summarize instead. Try to live your life in front of your own eyes.

Iggy Pup, our vivacious Boston Terrier, turned two on January 7th. Life is not always fun and it isn’t always easy but Iggy helps to remind me that it is all worth it. Small moments, like catching a few rays of sunshine during a lunch break or getting a kiss from your puppy can salvage a bad day. You can never take things too seriously, especially when you have Iggy passing gas in your immediate area. Also Iggy is great at reminding me that a nap now and again is perfectly acceptable.

Iggy Pup

Take care and be well. Find your happy thoughts today and keep them in your pocket.