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The darling @marymg has been a loved member of my Twitter family from the beginning. She tweets about many things including fountain pens, cooking and the antics of her grandchildren. You can imagine my delight when I saw that she had gotten her darlings a puppy!

cecelia & abby copy

I love making Iggy Pup sweaters but I can’t do ruffles or flowers for him – he’s too macho. Not long after the puppy announcement I messaged Mary and the plotting began. One skein of Red Heart “Monet” yarn and an “H” hook later and the sweater/dress was taking shape.

dog sweater/dress in progress

Abby pup is tiny and its hard for me to create a form-fitting outfit if I can’t do fittings as I go. My idea was to create an outfit that would fit her now and when she is full grown, with just three measurements – neck circumference, length from neck to tail, and her widest girth at her ribs.

Finished dog sweater/dress

(Click for Flickr page - including multiple notes and large views)

Here is the final sweater dress. I crocheted a flower for the back. I hope its not too much girlie-ness with the ruffled edge. I thought it was the perfect amount of cuteness. The button and belly strap was a fun adventure. I created multiple buttonholes just in case pup grows a bit or the dress hit her at a different area than the widest. The neck line also has a crochet button but instead of a button hole I created a simple loop. Ideally these features will make dressing her easy and fun.

Finished dog sweater/dress

Here’s a side view. Imagine a puppy inside! This weekend I’ll be mailing this sweater/dress off to Mary, her adorable granddaughter Cecelia and the darling Abby pup. I’m crossing my fingers everyone likes it. I hope I can bribe them for a photo or two.

This was such a fun adventure. Crochet without a pattern is a lot of fun; I encourage everyone to try it … It’s worth it!

Take care and be well.

I posted this saying on Twitter this morning and realized how true it really is…

I used to believe...

Be well.

Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary – August 11th.

Yesterday while Matt and I were walking Iggy – (I’ve started a “we must walk at least 30 minutes a day challenge which I already failed at today) – I thought of the old saying “Like two peas in a pod”. Now you must know that I couldn’t make my parents a card with that UNLESS I could mold it into something a bit more Sara-istic.

Parents Anniv Card

Behold the end result. Initial sketch was done with a Pentel Twist Erase Click 0.5, drawing was done with a Sharpie Grip pen and the coloring with BIC Mark Its and a grey Prismacolor marker. The mushy gushy inside sentiments were left out so you wouldn’t burst into tears or bust out laughing and hurt yourself.

Happy Anniversary to the best parents ever~! Without you I literally would not be here today ♥

Do you think I should offer this design in my Zazzle shop? Feedback is always appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Okay so I’ve been silent for far too long… on this blog at least. So did you notice the change?

At the top of this page you’ll find a tab for “Daily Doodle” which is just that – my documentation of a daily doodle challenge initiated by myself. How long can I keep this up?