Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary – August 11th.

Yesterday while Matt and I were walking Iggy – (I’ve started a “we must walk at least 30 minutes a day challenge which I already failed at today) – I thought of the old saying “Like two peas in a pod”. Now you must know that I couldn’t make my parents a card with that UNLESS I could mold it into something a bit more Sara-istic.

Parents Anniv Card

Behold the end result. Initial sketch was done with a Pentel Twist Erase Click 0.5, drawing was done with a Sharpie Grip pen and the coloring with BIC Mark Its and a grey Prismacolor marker. The mushy gushy inside sentiments were left out so you wouldn’t burst into tears or bust out laughing and hurt yourself.

Happy Anniversary to the best parents ever~! Without you I literally would not be here today ♥

Do you think I should offer this design in my Zazzle shop? Feedback is always appreciated.
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