Fifty-nine days ago I started the Daily Doodle challenge. Its been a lot of fun. Some nights I do fall asleep before doodling but I’m sure to grab my little book and pen first thing the following morning. I’m telling you this because its the truth and think its a good thing to admit. No one is perfect. In fact, I love that I’m not.

The Daily Doodle page started off as a great way to share this adventure. Unfortunately I cannot break it down into further pages to quicken the loading time. I’ve decided to type updates like this post that link over to my “Daily Doodle” set on Flickr. I hope this is acceptable. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I’ve updated the Daily Doodle set on Flickr with these beauties. These are just thumbnails.
55  9.25.10 56  09.26.10 57  09.27.10 58  09.28.10

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