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The Pitt and the Pendulum

I have a weakness for Edgar Allan Poe. I think it was reading so many stories throughout school. Lately I have a hankering to reread his stories and poetry. Last week I remembered a Papermate Pendulum pen I had acquired on a whim long ago. Then of course my brain said “The Pitt and the Pendulum” which led to snapping a photo and then this blog posting.

I’m enjoying free readings of “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” for free via iTunes tonight. Its a nice way to wind down after a day of work.

Halloween is just three days away and our plans have changed quite a bit. My costume is non-existent and we never did replace our pumpkins. The warm weather has created a moldy mess out of our un-smashed franken-pumpkin. I haven’t altered Iggy Pup’s cowboy costume. He’s too broad chested for the store bought ones. Not sure what I’ll do for him. He’s big on the dressing up thing ya know. It just seems like life is full of curve balls lately. We do have candy for Tricks or Treats though. But Matt is hoping to visit his grandfather in the hospital so who knows what this weekend will bring.

I’ve finally updated my Daily Doodle set so pop over and take a gander at Flickr.

It’s time to feed the kitties. Oliver is still holding on but is slowing down. If only I could cure him and keep with with me always. I will miss my little sunshine man more than words will ever express.


Be well.

About a week ago, Matt and I went on a quest for a great pumpkin. We had seen a cute little farm house type place out near the dog park that was selling pumpkins. I wanted a white one but couldn’t justify the cost. Matt found a gloriously perfect pumpkin for carving and bought me two small ones for a premeditated paper mache adventure. The three new pumpkins joined the blue one my parents had given to us on our front porch – all waiting anxiously to be decorated for my favorite holiday.

The unspeakable happened last night while our happy family slept upstairs. I doubt any of us heard anything – even Iggy Pup slept soundly. When I groggily came down the stairs this morning, I raised the dining room blinds to see the horror. Our pumpkins – all four of them – had been thoughtlessly smashed on our front walk.

someone smashed our pumpkins

As a teenager and young adult, I had NEVER participated in such activities. I knew how much my belongings meant to me and showed respect to others. “Just a pumpkin” escalates into “just a car” or worse. I can’t wrap my mind around it. I don’t understand how anyone could act so maliciously to a stranger. I cried. I cried over smashed pumpkins. I cried over shattered creative plans and happy memories with my fiance that would never be. I cried because so many humans don’t get it.

But then it occurred to me – I can make a statement. I grabbed my wire, pliers, spoon, knife and piece of recycle pile newspaper and headed outside. I found my smallest annihilated in front of the neighbors. It had been run over too. Slowly and reverently I gathered three pumpkins worth of pieces. I’d give them new life.

I've un-smashed it!

Matt’s perfect pumpkin began to look more and more whole again. It’s now a bit more “Franken-esque” than before though.

Still two more to do :)

I still have two more to unsmash today. This could be fun.
Lesson learned – Never smash an artist’s pumpkin – we find ways to enjoy it.

Occasionally my budget stomps on my happy and I have to figure out ways to spice up my life without spending a dime. This project grew out of my insatiable appetite for deco tape (also called Washi tape).

Deco tape is all the rage right now – fancy decorative tape to stick on packages, journal pages, notes and envelopes. Some people create entire projects using just paper and deco tape. Its inspiring and amazing. Click HERE to see what images Google gathers for “Deco Tape.”

If you’re like me, sometimes spending money is harder to come by than a yeti in a ballerina tutu. If you want some fun DIY Deco Tape to adorn your creative endeavors, grab some masking tape, wax paper and your permanent marker supply – It’s DIY Time!

DIY Deco Tape Supplies

First step is to tear a piece of wax paper approximately the size of a standard sheet of paper. Actually the size doesn’t matter much as long as its large enough to hold the piece of masking tape you tear.

The next step is to tear or cut off a piece of your masking tape. Any length will do as long as it suits your needs.

DIY Deco Tape - Decorate

Now grab your markers and get creative. Try stripes, shapes, patterns, amorphous blobs of color, words… trace things, use stencils. If you have permanent ink stamp pads, get stamping! I think its best to use permanent color. (Notice my disregard for staying inside the lines. My waxed paper is now decorated too lol).

DIY Deco Tape - Peel off the wax paper and have fun!

After you’re done decorating the tape, peel it off the waxed paper and go crazy with it.

DIY Deco Tape - Journal brightening

I cut bits off my tape and used it to tape some fortunes into my journal. Don’t feel trapped using it just one way – maybe grab some decorative edge scissors too!

DIY Deco Tape - Decorate a package

I’ve thought of using a small piece of wax paper cut to size of my day planner to keep some DIY Deco Tape close at hand. You never know when you might have to brighten up someone’s day – even your own. I loved using my first two pieces on a package I sent out. Doesn’t the envelope look much better?

DIY Deco Tape - Get Creative!

Currently I’m hoping to get different widths of masking tape. Wouldn’t a package look adorable with some brown kraft paper and tape? The holidays are coming up really fast and I bet I could have some fun.

I hope this inspires you. Please leave a comment if you give this a try. I’d love to see what you come up with! Be well.

I’ve uploaded more Daily Doodles. Here are the thumbnails:
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Click HERE to be transported to the Flickr set.

I’ve been slacking on the blog thing lately and I’m sorry. Autumn is upon us here so I’ve been doing a dress rehearsal for hibernation. In all seriousness, I have a tutorial, a giveaway and silly post in the works so don’t disappear.

Be well.