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Thank the heavens its Friday

My plans to honor the one hundredth post with the most epic and spectacular ever here at Miscellaneous Ramblings caused quite the delay. The BIG 100 is just too intimidating. I’ve decided to just put this post together and get it published so I can move past the intimidating milestone and get on with my journey.

Things have been odd for me lately. Work, home life, personal existence – all seem to be poking at my nerves with a sharpened stick. I’ve hit the proverbial wall again. Nothing I plan on doing turns into anything of substance. I daydream about beautiful collages and paintings but produce nothing when I try. I guess dreaming is good though, right? I haven’t lost my imagination. I’m also still keeping up with my Daily Doodles. I plan to update soon so please be patient just a touch longer.

cd cover

I did finish this digital art piece for a holiday CD project. A version of this will be used for the liner notes inside the CD booklet. I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

Friday I posted this on Twitter: “tis the season for seasonal depression fa la la la la la la la la”. Funny? sure but serious too because it affects a lot of people including myself. I can feel it a lot more in the last few days that I had earlier this autumn. Shorter days coupled with colder temperatures are taking its toll. I have decided that I am solar-powered. I know I’m not alone. You take the sun out of a daily equation and the end result looks like a puddle-o-blah.

If you do feel like you have some symptoms of depression, don’t be ashamed. You are not alone. Call your doctor and talk with him or her and get a game plan implemented. My arsenal includes medication from my doctor, a multi-vitamin with extra Vitamin D, Omega 3 fish oil pills, a daily walk of at least 30 minutes, and (probably most importantly for me) not allowing myself to sleep my entire day away. I have been known to avoid things by just heading to bed. Keeping a journal can be very therapeutic in sorting through the giant avalanche of emotions that can come up this time of year. Holidays are stressful enough, but toss in some Seasonal Affective Disorder and oh-my-goodness. Grab a pen or a paint brush, even if its your first time and draw something to get out how you feel. Maybe drop over at Patterns For Colouring and grab some markers or crayons and get some emotion out that way.

Most importantly, we are all in this together. Grab a friend and talk. Write a letter. Just don’t give up and know you are not alone.

I mentioned that my goal is to walk 30 minutes minimum a day. Today was the first day in quite a chunk of time that we bundled Iggy up in his winter sweater and went out for a walk. I find it so hard to muster up enough energy to do anything after work most nights, let alone bundle up the pup and go out walking in the cold. I know it helps me feel better but I still struggle to do it.

Oliver eating supper

Oliver kitty is still with us. He is so skinny now, just light as a feather. He purrs, plays and begs for attention though. As long as he is enjoying his life, he will remain with us. Feeding times get a bit hard though. I imagine some days he just doesn’t feel very well. I can’t imagine feeling poorly and having my mum following me around with a plate of food, begging me to eat. Oliver tolerates me and my pleads. Usually I can get him to eat something which is better than nothing. Bless his furry lil heart.

I'z keep mum company

Iggy Pup finally has a blog dedicated just to his furry lil famous self. Feel free to swing by his Tumblr.

Thank you for dropping by for post number one hundred.
Take care. Be well.

It’s already Sunday. How can I keep up at this pace? At some point I *WILL* find a remote control whose pause button works on time. As soon as I pause time, I will grab a nice soft blanket, a pillow and my critters and take the universe’s greatest nap *ever*!

I did nap today. I admit that because I haven’t napped for (what is for me) a long time. It felt good, Iggy snoring in my ear and we were all cuddly under a couple blankets.

#dailyarsenal 11.07.10

You didn’t think I’d neglect my art journal, did you? (I took the nap after my art binge.) I grabbed a bunch of supplies and sat on the floor. I did a couple tiny things to other pages but mostly concentrated on the new trigger “Moment.” Lots of colored and watercolor pencils and fineliner. I tried to use a lot of browns and blues.

NaNoJouMo "Moment"

Then when I got to a stopping point I grabbed my sketchbook and doodled some robots. Robots are great. They can be any combination of basic shapes. Notice the subtle use of grey and pink marker. Lol that made me happy.

Robot Doodles

Mister Iggy Pup has decided its time for a bathroom break. I’m currently wearing two hoodies over a tshirt and a blanket wrapped around my granny-jogging pants wearing lower half. Goodness I am not ready for this time of year. Dark by 5pm and cold cold cold. Okay, its not even that cold yet! Oy.

Be well.

It’s November 6th today – I know because I had to write a check. I can’t express how fast this year has gone for me. I feel like I should be spinning in circles or worse.

NaNoJouMo is going well! I spent last night digging around for paper and things to construct a 30 page journal from. I settled on a piece of tagboard for the cover and old book pages for the text block. I didn’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to sew it all together so I grabbed my masking tape and went to work. Three pieces on each spread is holding it together. So far so good.

I spent today taking care of the zoo and working on my first pages. I don’t think any of them are quite done yet but I wanted to share. The prompts can be found daily at D’Blogala but they are just there if you need them. Dawn’s reminder today helped me take the plunge. It’s not necessary to finish an entire page – Just make progress in your Art Journal. I’m proud of what I accomplished.

These are the pages that are “mostly done.” I can’t say I’m finished but I really like how they are right now.

"Inception" for NaNoJouMo

"Choice" for NaNoJouMo

"Fortune" for NaNoJouMo

"Equanimity" for NaNoJouMo

Here is a “work in progress” photo. The “Quarter” page needed to dry so I’ll certainly be working on that more. The page on the right shows the gel transfer drying compared to the more finished version above. For these pages I used stamps, gel medium transfers, print outs, metallic markers, metallic pens, Pitt artist pens, magazine scraps, book scraps, watercolors, watercolor pencils, manila paper and dried flowers.

Pages in progress for NaNoJouMo

My Daily Doodles are updated. Visit my Flickr set to view #88 through #94. Can you believe that I’ve doodled almost a hundred things? I’m impressed that I’ve stuck with it. Granted I have had a couple “catch-up” incidents.

I am looking forward to working on my NaNoJouMo art journal tomorrow. I had to stop because the sun disappeared. We set our clocks back tonight which means I will have some sunlight before I get to work but less chance of seeing the sun after work. I wish I could bottle the sun for taking photos and working on art. I really think I’m solar-powered. No sun means Sara has no energy. We’re starting the hardest time of the year for me – I sure hope I can do this… again.

Be well. (Don’t forget to check your smoke detector batteries!)

#dailyarsenal 11.3.10

It started with a sharpened pencil and a pad of paper. But things change. I’m pretty attuned to my inner voices and I knew on Wednesday I had to do some replanning for November.

Yes I am jumping ship on NaNoWriMo with a total word count of 4,466. But I am getting on another party boat. NaNoJouMo is something that will give me the versatility I need for this month. I want to spend more time with Oliver kitty before we have to say goodbye. I want to be supportive to Matthew who just lost his Grandfather. I’d like to rally my inner troops and sell something I create before too much longer. The holidays are coming so I’ll need to make gifts. November is just going to have to be ready for some multi-tasking. NaNoJouMo as a creative outlet is hopefully going to fit better.

I’m about to go start my NaNoJouMo journal. I want to create a little mixed paper style book just for this. I think I’ll raid the recycling bag. Wish me luck.

There are some new Daily Doodles in my Flickr set.
81  10.21.10 82  10.22.10 83  10.23.10 84 10.24.10 85  10.25.10 86  10.26.10 87  10.27.10

Thanks for dropping by. Be well.

Things are hectic. Aren’t they always? I remember (vaguely) a time when I could relax and when boredom would set in. Maybe it was a dream…

Iggy Pup dressed up for Tricks or Treats yesterday. I unfortunately didn’t assemble a costume beyond my Jack Skellington hat. Maybe next year I’ll dress up as Salvador Dali. That epic mustache, how can I resist?

Happy Halloween from Sheriff Iggy Pup

We handed out quite a bit of candy. Our surplus of over 120 Kit Kat bars disappeared in the first hour of Tricks or Treats. Iggy loved it though. He is such a little people oriented pup. The more kids that surrounded him, the happier he got. He really is my social lil furry butterfly.

I’m happy to report that I am attempting to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. I had my Staples “eco friendly writing pad” which is sugar cane based paper and freshly sharpened Carolina Pad “TranZend” pencil ready for when I awoke this morning. Feeding Oliver takes a bit of time and I like to keep an eye on him to make sure he’s eating a good amount so I use that time as best I can. Today I started my novel.

Tonight I finished off page six of my nameless novel at 1681 words. Not too shabby. The problem is the pain of writing. I have tendinitis is both wrists. My last attempt at NaNoWriMo ended for the same reason. I didn’t have the fortitude to type 50,000 words. This year writing doesn’t appear to be much easier. Don’t think its over though, I’m prepared to mix it up. Pens, pencils, laptop, manual typewriter, stone tablet and chisel. I’m not throwing in the towel yet so hold on for the ride!

Iggy Pup

I’m off to bed. I think Iggy Pup and I have some blankets to burrow into. Be well.