#dailyarsenal 11.3.10

It started with a sharpened pencil and a pad of paper. But things change. I’m pretty attuned to my inner voices and I knew on Wednesday I had to do some replanning for November.

Yes I am jumping ship on NaNoWriMo with a total word count of 4,466. But I am getting on another party boat. NaNoJouMo is something that will give me the versatility I need for this month. I want to spend more time with Oliver kitty before we have to say goodbye. I want to be supportive to Matthew who just lost his Grandfather. I’d like to rally my inner troops and sell something I create before too much longer. The holidays are coming so I’ll need to make gifts. November is just going to have to be ready for some multi-tasking. NaNoJouMo as a creative outlet is hopefully going to fit better.

I’m about to go start my NaNoJouMo journal. I want to create a little mixed paper style book just for this. I think I’ll raid the recycling bag. Wish me luck.

There are some new Daily Doodles in my Flickr set.
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Thanks for dropping by. Be well.