It’s already Sunday. How can I keep up at this pace? At some point I *WILL* find a remote control whose pause button works on time. As soon as I pause time, I will grab a nice soft blanket, a pillow and my critters and take the universe’s greatest nap *ever*!

I did nap today. I admit that because I haven’t napped for (what is for me) a long time. It felt good, Iggy snoring in my ear and we were all cuddly under a couple blankets.

#dailyarsenal 11.07.10

You didn’t think I’d neglect my art journal, did you? (I took the nap after my art binge.) I grabbed a bunch of supplies and sat on the floor. I did a couple tiny things to other pages but mostly concentrated on the new trigger “Moment.” Lots of colored and watercolor pencils and fineliner. I tried to use a lot of browns and blues.

NaNoJouMo "Moment"

Then when I got to a stopping point I grabbed my sketchbook and doodled some robots. Robots are great. They can be any combination of basic shapes. Notice the subtle use of grey and pink marker. Lol that made me happy.

Robot Doodles

Mister Iggy Pup has decided its time for a bathroom break. I’m currently wearing two hoodies over a tshirt and a blanket wrapped around my granny-jogging pants wearing lower half. Goodness I am not ready for this time of year. Dark by 5pm and cold cold cold. Okay, its not even that cold yet! Oy.

Be well.