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Monthly Archives: December 2010

At some point I thought I’d regain a spark, some fire inside of me that would conquer the winter blues and I’d blaze through projects with an inspired internal fire. Unfortunately I must have a really good internal sprinkler system because not much has sparked. The important thing is to take one moment at a time, to keep moving – even if it is only baby steps.

Hexagon scarf nearly complete.

I’m working steadily on crochet projects lately. I made 12 hexagons in brilliant and vibrant red, pink and purple. I’ve gotten to the last stage – weaving in ends. Its not my favorite part of crochet but I’m working through it.

first snow

We woke up yesterday to the first real snow of the season. Iggy enjoyed it more than we did. Shoveling is hard on my gimpy wrists. But we survived. Iggy had fun running and bouncing on the new white turf.


I keep reminding myself to keep at it. Journaling and doodling are necessities this time of year. Pen to paper, pen to paper.

The fire is so delightful...

We had our fireplace inspected on Wednesday. More than five years have passed since it was last used. Less than two hours later Matt had a blaze going. I forgot what it was like. So organically comforting. Iggy barked a lot at first. After the warmth started emanating he settled in to stamp his approval with a good nap.


Its actually sunny today. The gloom rolled out with the snow and welcomed in freezing temperatures. I should put on some layers and enjoy the day – one baby step at a time.