Another Monday snuck up on me. I need to get better defenses against these beasts.

tree mosaic

I’ve become quite fond of snapping photos while Matt is driving us around. Above is a mosaic of some of my recent tree photos all taken with the iPhone from a moving vehicle.

Weeds should fear me.

Spring is finally kicking in around here. Yesterday the sun was shining and it was in the 70s. Iggy and I spent the afternoon outside. I pulled weeds while he supervised. I’m not sure which one of us was happier to be outside without wearing a winter sweater – probably Iggy.

I bought a wire topiary form a few summers ago at a flea market. I thought “I can make a topiary – It’ll be great!” Then it sat for far too long. Yesterday I repotted my ivy and finally started it on the form. I was shocked when I took my ivy plant down from the kitchen window sill. It was probably 5 feet long! I did my best to start it on its topiary journey. Once it fills in a bit, I might snap a photo and share.

It feels good to get things moving. I feel I’m in a bit of a rut lately. Most work days I have very little energy and motivation. But I have been reading. I’m on my 9th book of 2011 (2 were graphic novels). I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to draw more and write more blog posts. I hope you’re ready.

Take care and be well.