I had big plans for the month of October. I was going to return to the world of blogging, get organized, crochet a Halloween costume for Iggy, and the list goes on.
Unfortunately, on October 8th an accident happened. Matt, Iggy and I were planning on enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon at the dog park when we were involved in the a serious car collision. The other driver was completely at fault and I struggle to use the term “accident” even though I know it wasn’t intentional.
Thankfully Matt, Iggy and I are okay. My injuries are the worst. I fractured three bones in my left ankle, bruised my chest muscles and got a nasty abrasion on my right hip. I came home from the ER that night and have been confined to bed ever since.
My ankle surgery took place on October 19th and I’m on the mend. I am making slow progress, the pills I take keep me comfortable but cause me to lose track of time and sleep a lot. But I am going to be okay. Pins and a plate are helping my ankle heal and this Friday my new Doctor will see how things are progressing. I will return to work and blogging and life will gradually become a familiar journey again.
Things will return to normal and I will post more frequently again. I hope you’ll keep visiting, I’ve missed this. Take care. Be safe.