#AEDM day 2 -crochet cozy for my cast

I’ve decided to participate in AEDM – Art Every Day Month (more info HERE)

I am also going to try and post here about every day’s artistic adventure.

Yesterday for day 1, I journaled a bit and did some doodling. I also took some photos. That fills the quota quite nicely I think.

Today I made a crochet toe cozy for my cast. I am going to attempt a few hours at work tomorrow. This will be my first day back since the accident on October 8th. I’m nervous for a lot of different reasons. Grabbing a crochet hook helped me relax and focus my energy elsewhere. Now I have a fashionable and functional cover for my toes that will look nice with my black jogging pants.

I might just grab my journal and do some scribbling now quick before sleep. A journal is a great way to refocus.

Take care and be well.