#aedm #aedm2011 journal doodle

I returned to work today for just shy of three hours. That may not sound like much but it is both the longest I have been up and the first day back since the accident. I am very proud of myself. Despite exhaustion, discomfort, aches and the distinct pins-and-needles of my mending ankle, I have been smiling a lot. Today is another step toward normalcy, toward life becoming recognizable again.

I wish I had grabbed my pens and journal earlier but my pillow put a spell on me that was nearly unbreakable. I wanted to share my day with you all and I really want to keep my AEDM going strong – so here I am before calling it a night (again).

My ankle was fractured in three places and dislocated. Each of the three bones that make up the ankle were broken. I think about it more than I probably should. I also think about the accident. The actions of one man impacted my life & my family so deeply. I don’t explore this in my journaling yet, I probably should.

Tonight I doodled something just to let my mind take a breath. I used a Pelikan Fineliner 96, a gift from a pen friend, and my Ecosystem Author journal. Sometimes it’s best to let yourself turn the thoughts off and just marvel at being.

Take care and be well.