Possibilities with @PentelofAmerica

I didn’t sleep well last night and my day began long before the sun rose. I grabbed my journal and some pens and set out to put something on paper.

I'm remembering how great this is...

It was a nice distraction to doodle for a bit. It’s very freeing and therapeutic. Just make up stuff to fill the space, let go and enjoy.

Ankle hasn't shut up all morning so I've taken it outside for some fresh air. It's chilly :D

My ankle and other muscles are sore today. Two straight days of pushing was bound to catch up with me. Since my ankle wouldn’t quiet down, I took it outside for some fresh air. It was sunny but chilly. I sat on the porch and tried to keep warm.

Iggy has joined me ^^ I haven't sketched from life in ages! I forget how lol
Iggy joined my quest for fresh air and warmth so we huddled together under a couple jackets. I attempted to sketch the white pumpkin across from me. I haven’t sketched from life in a very long time and I’m quite rusty.

Sunny cat nap

It didn’t take long for the last couple of days and poor sleep to catch up with me. I came inside and made the slow and unpleasant ascent back up the stairs to bed. Medicine and rest with an ice pack for a garnish did help. This afternoon I even worked a bit on the knit scarf I started ages ago. All in all today can be counted as a success I think, don’t you?

Be well.