My arch-nemesis.

I’m not sure what excuse I can use today. I’m tired but I haven’t slept well since the accident so that might not be the real reason. I worked just shy of 4.5 hours today. That was challenging. My ankle has been bratty but it’s been practicing that a lot lately. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow which I’m a bit nervous about. I haven’t done anything but lie in bed, visit hospitals and docs and go to work for the last month. I need a break. I need something. I feel fried. I want to walk and dance around like Elaine from Seinfeld. I want to race Iggy home after a nice long walk. I want to feel like myself.

I know it takes time. Three fractures and a dislocation isn’t minor. I need to give myself time. The problem is I’m tired of waiting. Everyday it gets harder to hurt, harder to watch my parents and Matt wait on me day and night, harder to accept that I can’t do much no matter how badly I want.

I grabbed a Sharpie and my composition notebook with plans of an entire doodle page. I finished what you see above. It’s a start… Or perhaps that’s all for today.

Be well.