More fun ^^

I suspected that my itchy leg was more than just dry skin on Wednesday. The last day confirmed my suspicions. I have hives or some kind of horrible itchy rash. Last night was a rough one with itching and discomfort disrupting my sleep. My stomach was not at all happy with me this morning either. So I do what I do best, I called my parents for advice this morning. They advised calling my Doc which I did. No pain meds and get some Benadryl.

To pass time I grabbed my Sharpie and decided I could go wild on the cast since it was coming off. I doodled swirls, my signature sock skull, a cloud, “warning: broken,” “this end up,” and “heal” instead of heel. That was the only artistic thing I did today.

My Doc appointment went okay. The nurse had a hard time removing the cast. Then I came very close to fainting during the xrays which rushed 4 nurses all to that room. After that joy, the Doc said my fractures are nearly undetectable and I could get a BOOT. Getting my foot into the boot was interesting and movement in my ankle makes me feel so sick. I was so happy to get home and lie down! Unfortunately the lack of proper pain meds let the beast wake up and sleep was impossible. It hurts. It will pass but sheesh am I tired of pain and discomfort and strange sensations.

I am so hoping things are calmer by tomorrow and that I can get some good proper sleep tonight. A nice artistic adventure would be a lovely break.

Be well.